After Twenty years..

Twenty years…two decades…a score…sounds like a long…time, but surprisingly, its not!

It is twenty years since our graduation and a few of us who were around thought we will get together and catch up amongst ourselves.

With some cajoling and talking, we were able to line up five of us together to meet for lunch. One of our classmates Nandu had come down from the US and it gave us all enough reason to ACTUALLY meet.

Hanging out with college friends is any day a different experience. Lives had taken us all in different directions.  Nandu had pursued his Master’s and Doctorate and was doing some hi-tech stuff at Lucent technologies. Abhi, his usual smiling self was in ONGC and doing hard core electrical stuff. Managing big projects which run for years of Installation and Commissioning, in the Gulf and other places. My good friend Vijay is an entrepreneur, running his own Training academy. Good ole Balki was doing business development at Siemens.

The first half hour went about in shaking hands and commenting about the bellies, the looks, the hair styles etc. The conclusion was that all of us looked the same or better than what we were 20 years back! And it was true! The topic then started moving to our families and some exchange of photographs. Then quick exchange of notes on the others. There are always some target interesting people to share more stories about and that’s exactly what we did.

Nandu told us stories about GN, his close friend and a favorite student of our batch. How he argued with the interviewer that the question he asked was wrongly framed and got dismissed as being “over qualified”…Typical of him…All of us could relate to it so much and laughed our hearts out…

We talked about our Profs, the hostels and the messes and the uPs ( Mutta Parotas..) etc. Had good laughs and a lot of chiding of each other.

If it had been twenty years back, we would have sat there maybe the whole afternoon and gossiped about everything in the world. But yes, that’s what Mr. Time does with us I guess. He keeps running and keeps you nudging to share the moments for so many different things as you grow older…Job, family, friends, health, vacation, brooding,entertainment etc etc.

We didn’t know what we ate or how the one hour passed by. Before we knew, it was time to say adieu and go back to our next assignment of the day.

Thanks to Vijay, we could capture the moments so we can remember it for life time. Sweet are those moments when we meet our friends, but sweeter are those when we relive those times again and again.

I realized that I had undergone a lot of stuff in these twenty years, relationships, family, kid, holidays, laughter, fun,traumas, sufferings of the near and dear ones, challenges in career, new countries, new experiences…and just when I was feeling that I am done with, it hit me hard that it has just been a jiffy of a life time and there is a lot more to go.

I walked away from the crowd with renewed energy, revived strength and looking forward to the next twenty with fervor!!


4 Responses

  1. Your strength never ceases to amaze me !!

  2. Does it ?? Good to knowI have played the big sister well…!:-))
    Thanks for all the make up for my Blog. Now it looks decent..

  3. Hema,

    Didn’t know your language cud vividly portray your innerself as much as it has! I am really awed and wondering if u have an inner, untapped talent of a writer! (Think over…gud retirement pursue passionately!!!)

    I also can see that the “original Hema component – liveliness” is safely preserved inspite of all the years that have passed by!

    This is the first blog i have read & does motivate me!


  4. Thanks Vijay.
    Hoping to write more and more.

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