Thanks to the Blue Moon…

The Blue moon has been much talked about and explained in the last few weeks. The next Blue moon to fall on New Year’s Eve is going to be in 2028! So long…

It was New Year’s Eve of 2010. Had planned to go out for dinner with my sonny, as the rest of the family was busy. But things were not to be as planned. He had changed his plans by the time I got home from work. Yes, he had to party with his friends, of course! I had seen it coming, but given that his exams were getting near, I had weakly assumed that his gang would skip the party.  Err….yes, I forgot! He is 18 now and is an adult. No longer a kid for moms and dads to take decisions on. So, I just bid him “bye-bye…drive safe..” etc etc and turned on the TV nonchalantly.

I was getting bored. Remembered the Blue moon and thought I will catch up with it. Folklore says that on the Blue moon night, you can see the face of the moon and talk to it too! So, I went downstairs for a walk within the boundaries of our Apartment and hmmm…talk to the moon!

I could neither see the blue nor the moon, surprisingly! However, the weather was lovely. Cool breeze and slightly chilly clear night. A typical Bangalore Winter day! I walked for about half an hour. Around 11.00 pm, I heard lot of noise and chattering near the lobby of my Block. Some enthu families had decided to do some cake-cutting and gaming on the New Year’s Eve after all!  Perhaps, I had missed the Notice that was passed around announcing it, probably when I was away on one of those frequent Official tours that I am always at.

Anyways, I just got into the crowd. Didn’t even know if people had to contribute anything to be a part of the party. Who cares?? It was New Year’s Eve and I didn’t want mine to be Blue!

We had some kids dancing on the floor. I joined them and happily danced around, oblivious of who was watching all my clumsy steps! There was a game of Housy. I bought a ticket with borrowed money from my neighbor. I played the game heartily as if it was the first ever game I had ever played. Bellowing ” bogie…bogie” and “shake well..shake well” as often as I could! All the effort paid off! I hit the “Bottom-row” prize. I screamed and rushed to the counter. The man who was conducting it, had to politely ask me if I was sure I belonged to the Apartment. (We  moved in here just a few months back and it was my first public appearance. So people didn’t know me around still…). I looked at my neighbor innocently and she came to my immediate rescue. After proper authentification and a quick applaud, I got my fifty bucks!

We then played a game of musical chair afterwards and at the stroke of 12, all of us screamed a countdown and wished a happy new year to the world. We had a quick cake-cutting ceremony and the kids cutely sang, “Happy birthday, year 2010…”

Feeling fully contented with myself and a big smile on my face for the nice celebration, I walked back to my Apt with the 40 bucks safe in my pocket (had to pay back the 10 Rs for the ticket, to the neighbor…).

Thanks to the Blue moon…for getting me out of the house at the right time and making sure I did not miss the good times that I deserved on the New Year’s Eve!!

May the year bring a lot of happiness, peace and prosperity to the whole world!


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  1. Just hoping that your blogging doesn’t happen once in a blue moon.. 🙂
    Welcome to the blogging world !!! So, finally you are getting to know your aptmt folks.. Was my friend Savitha also there?

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