My little table shoppee…

As I was going around this shop, something caught my attention. I am a very impulsive  shopper. But luckily don’t do it often though. Most of the times I would just buy something that catches my eye and I like it. But once I buy the stuff and bring it home, I will have a thousand stories on how I wanted it all my life and how perfect it was and how it fitted the ambience or my frame so well …blah..blah…blah..!

Well, I knew, here was one more happening. I could feel the adrenalin rushing and the bell ringing in my head saying …’Pick it up Hema…its meant for you…”. The sheepish grin appeared on my face and was unmistakably evident to the Sales man around.

Well, this is how it usually happens. It  starts with a longing look on the target…then the mind takes over and says …’come on, you know you keep doing this…stop it!!!”…so, a sad nod of the head and walk away…A small sales talk and you are back…its like you are waiting for him to just thrust it in your hand…then the most crucial part to get hooked on…ask him the price…”oops!!” the head says… ” O..K….”..the heart says…head  gives in…at least ask for a few rupees less, idiot!…

The shop keeper would say…”aagalla madam…” Then I would  go ‘Aagaththe saar…” solpa nodi…then..after a few minutes of some weak  haggling….my precious ‘shoppee” ( btw, if I am a shopper, I guess the item that is shopped is the …” shoppee“… in my hand, I would walk out of the shop beaming and most contented in life.

However small or big the shoppee is, the feeling is the same and I just love it.  I am sure most of us, at least the women species, experience this many times. It could be a small ear stud in your favourite colour, or a nice piece of furniture for your house, a kitchen gadget…just anything…is enough to get us there!

Well, coming back to my subject matter shoppee…this was a cute looking bamboo shoot kept in a bowl of water. Somewhere vaguely I remembered that bamboos bring in luck…and surely the shop keeper jumped and added a few stories of how lucky these things could get. Luck or no luck… was cute and I wanted it. Period. So, the small bamboo shoot was packed carefully and it got into my car gingerly.

I rushed home and humming …’bhagyada lakshmi baramma…” placed it on my dining table.  Of course, it looked perfect there! That was ONE thing that was missing in my home, all the while and I knew it!!;-)

This happened about 6 months back. So you are aware, bamboos grow very slowly. My table shoppee has grown a couple of inches now. I get excited every time I see a new leaf appearing on it. We share a great bond. All it requires is water and does not complain even if I forget to feed that sometimes.  As unconditional as it can get! It looks fresh always and I sort of feel it smiles when I walk into the house. I am so glad that I bought it!  I keep it in the sun for a few hours during the weekends. It’s my first semblance to gardening skills.

It may have to be transferred to a bigger bowl as its roots get thicker. I am waiting for that next milestone of my most favourite  table  shoppee which has brought in a fresh flavour to my life… so long…


4 Responses

  1. I remember when that bamboo lakshmi/ bamboo shopee entered your house and you were proclaiming to everyone about your multi purpose table and garden.. LOL 🙂

    Btw, Bhagyada lakshmi baramma…. henge, Anant Nag voice thane… 🙂

  2. Anant Nag voice alla ri……Bhimsen Joshi!! level maintain karna hai..

  3. Hey Hema,

    I jsu sooooo know that feeling::)) Been there done that! Still keep doing that

    I like the way youve written.. Keep em coming!

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