A Wish from my heart…!

On this wonderful day, a wish to all the women out there, who are mothers, daughters, wives, partners,friends, aunts,nieces etc and above all , being a woman, packed with all kinds of interesting fragrances and contending to stand up to this tough world with all the mighty strength that one can muster!!

I wish you all…

Immense happiness and success,

All dreams conquered and every desire fulfilled;

All pains assuaged and all woes alleviated;



Best of health, wealth and cheer,

And the energy to withstand the rough weather;


Be lucky to feel the pride of seeing your career glow,

And the vigour to hold on when things go slow;


Be blessed to feel the joy of seeing your children bloom,

The strength to let them go when they are ready to loom;


Be bestowed with the modesty to accept honour,

And the dignity to accept any critique;


Be endowed with the grace of the Almighty

To guide you through the righteous path;


To enjoy every day of your life

And every moment of your sleep;



8th March 2010

100th International Women’s day


3 Responses

  1. Just chanced upon your blog….very insightful, full of life and energy, just like you!

  2. Thanks Hema… More power to women!

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