“Life” …Simplified

Being a practical person, I always like to simplify things.I also understand concepts best, when put in a Block Diagram. I have tried to do the same to understand life and its purpose. Here is my simple interpretation.



Self : There are four integral elements of Self. The  Body, Mind, Soul and Heart . The body is the tangible element, which we can touch and feel, while the mind ,heart and soul are the intangible elements. That’s the reason people sometimes confuse the body as “self”. 

Exercise the body, keep the mind engaged, enjoy and control the various flavours of emotions and recharge your soul with a lot of spirit and good faith.Nurturing all the elements is critical for the well being of the self.


The elements of self are expressed in different ways. The body is expressed as a physical form, the mind is expressed as the various thoughts that it generates, the soul expresses itself in the form of inner energy that one exhibits and the heart of course expresses itself in the form of feelings/emotions that we experience.

The more the elements are nourished and cherished, the better would be their expressions, which actually builds your ‘personality”.


The various expressions of the self are exhibited as grace, actions, relationships or habits.  As all these elements are an integral part of one self, these actions, relationships and habits together form one’s character, which is visible to others. As this is tangible, it is constantly judged and humans have the tendency to categorise as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Good” or ‘bad” is very much relative to the sociable amicability of the person, as humans need to live together in harmony in a society.


The actions, relations and habits that we exhibit and cultivate result in some kind of ‘positive’ or ‘negative” impact on other beings who surround us. As per Hindu dharma, these positive or negative impacts (karma)that one generates, determines the state of the self, either in the current or the next birth that one may take. The state determines the well being of all the four elements of self. It is very similar to a closed loop feedback amplifier !!

 The positive feedback enhances the input signal and the negative feedback dampens the input signal.


It’s as simple as that. Just think good, do good, and be good for your own good. That’s it. Sprinkle a lot of passion in what you do.Enjoy and embrace whatever you get along this journey like money, status, anxieties, ailments,family, friends, etc. It has all come as part of the feedback package.

All this happens in the Time and Space that nature has evolved and we call it  “Life”.


6 Responses

  1. Well said Hema. The only part that doesn’t gel or which I never comprehend is the KARMA and its feedback because “good” or “bad” is relative. If you think something is good, but it actually turns out to be bad for someone else, is it good Karma or bad Karma.

    • Shoba,

      I think karma is with reference to the person who is committing the action.Simply put,
      Farmer kills a cow – “Bad” karma
      Butcher kills a cow – Not a ‘bad’ karma..

      so, the farmer may have to face the consequence of his doing but the butcher may not, although the action remains same..

      Does it make sense?

  2. Very well expressed blog on self Hema. Like Shoba said, the only variable I do not completely agree with is Karma. There are some things that are beyond our control, that have nothing to do with how good our actions and thoughts are. It just happens. I’ve seen good people suffer and bad people having a life that would well…certainly not show any signs of their ‘bad karma’

    • Hi, NnC,

      Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment too…!

      I think we need to be cognisant of the fact that the feedback package many times waits for the next life form, meaning the next birth, to reflect on our well being.
      So my take is, the suffering today could be the consequence of the bad deeds done in the previous life form. One may be very good in the current life , the result of it they will enjoy in the next birth, if not now.
      Those who are doing ‘bad” stuff and still doing good now….just wait and see what happens to them in their next form!!

      Its atleast with that hope or faith that we continue to do good. Otherwise, there wouldnt be a reason for anyone to be positive and the world would be in chaos.

      My two cents..Hope it explains..

      Wish you a very happy new year !

      • I think when we feel helpless over a situation, we call it destiny or bad karma from the previous birth. It is our way of accepting a situation though I don’t agree with it.
        When I suffered, I hated it when people said it could be Poorva Janma Karma. My two cents.

  3. I agree. Not only helpless, when we are clueless as to why something is happening, it is tied down to destiny or whatever…

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