Humour in Uniform…(II)

Cont’d…With the ultra-sound done and the samples given, moved on to the next test.

The chest x-ray. The staff there welcomed me with a nice smile and very patronisingly asked what my problem was. I told him that it was only a routine check-up. Again, my adrenalin shot up. Why did he ask me that question??? Was there something that I didn’t know and my Doc had warned them to look out for etc etc…But it seemed too far-fetched and I very soon realized that he was just doing his routine formality talk. I relaxed and smiled.

For some reason, he thought that I could understand only English. So, he put on his best accent and told me, “Madam, here is instruction. Take a deep breath.. hold on the inspiration…and then breathe out..!!!” Think he got confused between breath-in and respiration and just made up his own word!!! I had to suppress my giggles and do a mock breathe-in, breathe-out routine to make sure I got it right! Once he was satisfied that I could breathe properly, he made me stand in front of the screen and clicked. Phew..! that was one hell of an inspiration for me anyways! I got out of the room with all smiles and laughing to myself!

Then the other tests like ECG, TMT etc etc followed without much ado. After a couple of days, it was time for the review of the reports! Oops, the file looked pretty big! I was glad that atleast all that precious blood that they sucked was put into good use and had not gone waste! There were all sorts of parameters in that and a series of  remarks saying ‘negative’. The consulting doctor liked that. Then I realized, here is one occasion where ‘negative’ means ‘Aall izz well’!!

I walked back home clutching the Report  in my hand, feeling like a High- school kid. “Excellent” in few, “Good” in many, ‘Need to improve” in few!  Man…this doesn’t change..does it? The yearly reports have started again!! History repeats.Instead of the “Study more and do your home work properly” it is  “ Exercise more and follow your diet-plan properly”.


2 Responses

  1. The inspiration had me in splits.. ROFL.. I can easily imagine you giggling to glory. Wish I were there too, to enjoy the moment. And so, I hope the blood is not opaque anymore 🙂

  2. Nice finishing touch! Life does come to full circle or spiral…

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