Moments to cherish…

When I see the little flowers dance,

Their faces shining and glowing in the soft morning sunlight; 

When I hear the leaves rustle,

As if whispering to each other in the evening spring breeze;  

When I see the fresh green grass,

Bearing the little droplets, after a quick shower from the heavens;  

When I smell the perfumed talc on a baby’s skin

Just after a nice warm shampoo bath;   

When I see the warmth in the eyes

Of an elderly person who is being helped;  

When I see the joy in a child’s smile,

When her parent comes to pick her up, after a long wait;  

When I feel the soft fur of a puppy,

That loves to snuggle and lick you up in love;  

 When I taste the sweetness in the melon

As I dig my teeth into its juicy flesh;  

Oh! those are the moments I enjoy most,

And realise the little things that nature gives us to cherish.



19 Responses

  1. Lovely Poem, Hema… Hey !! My Sis is back with her poems..

  2. Good one!!

    Chinna Chinna Aasai…Siragadikka Aasai….

  3. @Shoba – Thank you dear! Great to see a vote too.:-)
    @Suresh – Thanks. Chinna chinna vishayam..pokkishamaana vishayam..

  4. Vividly beautiful. I saw, heard, tasted and felt with each line I read. Very well done!

  5. This is so beautiful feels me with such warmth

  6. so many thing that keep us going in life! wonderful poem!

  7. This is so precious,

    Happy Rally.

  8. I see that you enjoy all good things in life and…express it in a truly poetic form, Hema!

  9. Thank you for the beautiful bite out of life so deliciously expressed!

  10. lovely and light

  11. Thanks for sharing..

  12. one refreshing poem. 🙂

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