Breaking news…, sewn on anagrams

Interesting page makes everybody gape !

Mid-day light begins to dim suddenly !

Resounding shots sung by the guns !

Splash of tar looks like modern art !

Tin filled with nit disgusts farmers !

Zebra team decides to braze mate !

Stop the ball and save the vase !

No time for the love mite !

No more tears on Rome !

Oh God! I’m a dog !

Sage meditates for ages !

Pal challenges Eve to sit on his lap !

Caterpillars fear the death of a leaf !

Miles of smile to keep a good friend !

New application maps all the the spam mail !

Sharp words cut across worse than a sword !

Does this make sense or attract some hits ?


3 Responses

  1. Maybe, Elvis lives in you. :-)It is almost “intoxicate”ing excitation.

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