The silence…

The words stabbed her again

As if being hit by a sword;

Tearing her heart into pieces

And her dreams into shatters;

She lay in a pool of sorrow

Wanting to run away from the madness;

The silence was loud

Echoing her chaotic breathing;

A warm hand gently stroked her,

There were no words but just a hug

No tears but an acknowledging smile

The clasp firm and comforting;

The silence was pregnant

With conviction and sincerity;

Her heart started breathing lighter

The world suddenly seemed brighter;

She could see the light in the darkness

Despite the frenzied hues all around;

The silence was profound

With inner peace and strength;

The hand  lead her through the tunnel

The stride was small but firm

The pace fast but steady;

The silence was a symphony

Of two heartbeats singing in sync

Of two souls performing as one!



31 Responses

  1. Hema,

    That was a wonderful poetic elucidation of emotions!

    keep it coming.


  2. a Chaotic sea of silence that unfolded most divinely

  3. its got a beautiful flow

  4. Nice write.. I like the first part best.. Fit into the silence of this title.. 🙂

    Here is mine..

    Found you through Thur Rally.. Hope to see you again.. 🙂

  5. smart write..

    well done.

  6. beautiful and “of two souls performing as one” Loved it.. here is my rally post, that’s how life is

    ! Happy Rally !

    Someone is Special

  7. A very positive feeling with this.

  8. In the silence you had a chance to feel,
    The strength and comfort of a guiding hand,
    You weren’t alone as you broke into the light,
    Two heartbeats to make things right.

  9. Two souls performing as one…. I think it’s ultimate .. you reminded me of some beautiful lines shared between Andrie and We the Living by Ayn Rand.. ( Hope the names are right) I read about 32 years ago.. it talks about souls of friends having same roots.. thanks the words suddenly glowed in my mind even after such a long span of time.. you poem made it happen.. just a suggestion.. poems come from Heart.. nothing from heart should ever be rated… for the fear of these getting berated unintentionally.. keep writing..

    • Thank you Sir! You have a geat memory indeed to be recollecting after so many years.
      Take your advice. You are right. Shall remove the ‘rating’ part.

  10. Love the way this comes full circle, a wonderful write…Happy Rally !!!

  11. Beautiful..The words are totally mesmerizing
    And the way you have rhymed is superb..
    Loved it!

  12. nice flow! i got confused at the end though. I supposed it’s losing and finding love again?

  13. Beautifully said.

    Of two souls performing as one.

    Loved it! 🙂

  14. best wishes for the day,

    please visit poets who were here for you.

  15. beautiful sentiments, loved the last line very much

  16. Oho!! Beautiful! Reminds me of my poem that was linked for week 39. But nevertheless, beautiful again, especially the last stanza. 🙂

  17. brilliant.. yeah.. the support in silence is at times enough to give us hope.. but the silence of course is deciphered by the smile..

    very beautiful…

  18. Lovely poetry! “Two hearts singing in sync…of two souls performing as one,” says so much as the grand finale’ of poetic expression! Silence, I like this one very much!! You wrote a beautiful piece. Thank you!

  19. beautifully expressed’ silence was a symphony’

  20. Wonderfulwrite, Hema. Very vivid, and a hopeful message.

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