My sister…my buddy

When she was born, she was a bundle of joy,

With chubby cheeks and bright black eyes;

She instantly became my favourite toy,

And I always protected her from imaginary foes;

She would flick my things with such tact,

And get reprimanded when caught in the act;

What captivated me a lot and made me grin,

Was the way she still innocently thought it her win;

To the school she would scamper,

And did her math without a whimper;

That, made me feel shy, as I was much older,

And was still getting used to the books and binder;

She would listen to the radio,

And understand the plays on the audio;

She would explain the plot with glee,

All this, when she was just a few months over three!

She would sit up along with me all night,

When I would prepare for my exams;

And keep chatting and yakking all the time,

Till I screamed and landed up in a bully fight!

She would reel out all her answers with care,

But didn’t care a damn what the questions were;

And, if you didn’t ask her in the same sequence

She would laugh saying you were a dunce!

She once jumped off a wall,

And her forehead was cracked and torn;

She felt so proud about the fall,

That she got stitched without a single moan!

It felt great to have a little sister,

Whom you could boss over like a Mister;

She has been my friend, my buddy,

For all these wonderful years steady;

She has gotten over a lot of obstacles,

And made it to where she really deserves;

May God bless my dear little sister,

Whom I love and shall cherish forever!


7 Responses

    • Thanks dear. Guess what, I don’t seem to have a single photo of just the two of us when we were young! Send me if you have one in your collection.

  1. That was a lovely poem!

    Very touching… Very true…
    To have her as my wife, I am equally blessed too…

    • Thanks Suresh.
      You are blessed to have her as your wife
      And I bet she considers you as her life;
      You guys are so much made for each other
      And have achieved so many things together;
      May both of you be showered with love
      That lasts very long and be as strong as it is now!

  2. Wonderful poem Hema.
    I can see Shoba grinning ear-to-ear

  3. Hema,

    U shud seriously consider publishing your collection of poems.I am sure there will b many takers.

    Nxt a poem on Lder sis !!

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