Writer’s… b l o c k?

When you hit upon a writer’s block,

It feels like you have hit against a rock;

The mind freezes and there are no thoughts to scatter,

Nothing but blankness echoing in the grey matter;


You may sometimes vaguely come up with a topic,

But it may sound like a rusting box in the attic;

Or there may be times when incessantly the mind chatters,

But there is nothing to write that really matters;


So, Off and On the psyche plays a daze,

And your wit goes around in a maze;

There is no humour in your joke,

And  there is no logic that you can provoke.


You grope for words and they no longer rhyme

The time just passes as you hear the clock chime;

You think of ‘this’ and ‘that’ and ‘something’

And end up saying ‘ that thing’ for maybe everything!


The words tirelessly tend to congeal

And there is no way you can easily heal;

But to just go through the vacant bout

And let the block thaw itself out!



13 Responses

  1. That poem certainly did not sound like someone who has a writer’s block Hema! You are an awesome writer/poet you know?

  2. What a beautiful poem for writer’s block!

  3. loved it, so smooth, rhyming and not even a bit ‘blocked’.

  4. what block? only real writers know that. lol.
    I love the rhymes 🙂

  5. Reading a poem on the writer’s block for the first time;)Loved it:)

  6. writer block
    hits like a rock,

    love the line, well done.

    Happy Weekend.
    Se you again on Sunday.

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