i20 and i not 20…

 This is just a casual musing of how a quick visit to the mall with my teenage son turns out…

It started last Sunday evening. My son was standing in front of his ward-robe and muttering something. On closer scrutiny, I realized that he was annoyed that he didn’t have anything decent to wear that evening. Since I also wanted to get out and enjoy the nice evening, I suggested that we go and shop for some clothes for him.

The drive itself is not all that fun. I always prefer to play some light music softly. He turns on some loud Jazz music and starts thumping on the dashboard. I cringe. There is no chance in hell for me to make him change the music. With some cajoling, at least the volume is brought to some decent decibels.

Then comes the ac issue. I am a “fresh air” person. With such lovely weather in Bangalore, many times, I prefer to drive with the window open slightly. I enjoy the cool breeze and the whiffs of some goodies as we drive by. Nope, I don’t get lucky all the time. At least not now! He wants the ac in its full blast. The cold air hitting my face  makes me freeze.  I start coughing to make a point but it gets drowned in the loud music.

So, with the ears echoing and the hands and feet turning blue, we reach the mall. It was a quick drive, Thank god!

I normally like to stray around, touch and feel some new arrivals, prop a top on myself and peep into the mirror etc. Nooooooo….! He scowls at me when I drag my feet towards the Jewellery section. ‘ The Hilfiger is on the second floor right corner,  mom!….”MOM!!!”. “Do we have to go there straight?“ I frown. “Of course”! he replies.

So, we go there. He goes around randomly picking a few, frowning at a few, throwing away many. I keep picking some good ones and put it up for him. He gives me a stare that would melt me! “What a sick choice! “his eyes say. He thinks what I pick is generally old fashioned. I neatly fold and put them back. So, I get into the ladies section and start looking at a few things for myself. He rushes and chides me for not helping him to choose! Then, I run out of my patience and ask him what exactly he is searching for. And he says ‘I don’t know!” 

Humph, all that rummaging was coz there was no goal. Now, I put on my thinking cap and tell him to first decide what he needs. Are we looking for college wear or evening wear. ‘Evening wear’ he says. Do you want a T or a shirt? “Either is fine”. “And I need a slightly tight fitting one…that’s “in” now” he adds.” Colour? “ .“Whatever.”Now that we sort of narrowed down a bit, I head towards the section where I can find them. He walks behind me telling me how I just don’t understand what he needs and have no clue or sense of style etc.

I casually ask him to choose from a bunch that I feel would look good on him. But I pretend not to pay attention nor suggest that they are good. His eyes actually lit up as he picks a few and rushes to the trial room to try on a few.

“I think this blue T-shirt is perfect” and I like the black one too. It fits very well”, he shouts over the door.”

So, after a little more trials, he triumphantly holds three shirts that he likes.

“Perfect” I think, but just smile.

‘I know you won’t like them but I don’t care. This is what I think looks good” he says.

“Of course, darling, whatever you like” I say and nod in acknowledgement. I turn the other way and pull in my elbows and say “Yes!!”

So, with the glistening covers in our hands, we drive back home, and not to mention the blaring music and cold feet !

So long, my dear child….till the next shopping episode, in my favourite i20!


8 Responses

  1. Very good post! Especially “turning and saying yes” part 🙂

  2. I can easily imagine this scene, with all the right expressions. LOL.. Nam Maga thumba jaane.. 🙂

  3. I am not sure if people in US will know what i20 means.. 🙂 i20 – Hyundai i20

  4. Now that you blogged it, your son is going to know the trick when u take him to mall next time..:)

  5. Shopping with a son or daughter – you are a brave lady indeed. Mine is younger, but she positively considers me a Neandrathal and thinks I should basically leave the wallet and disappear from the face of the earth !!

    Nice blog Hema – you write so well and its a lovely read.

  6. @Sri – “Yes”!!
    @Shoba – thanks for the clarification dear:-)
    @Suresh – He doesnt read my blog..so no worries…
    @Ramesh – Yep, I can imagine about girls! they are so much more fussier!

  7. I really enjoy reading your blog Hema(shopping with ur son.)Keep writing.

  8. Hema,

    I was in a bad mood & that’s when i started reading this article. Believe me, the mood swung 180 deg by the time i fininshed reading this! Wow! I like your presentation. Well, i’d try visualising the scene & it only became even more entertaining. I was laughing all the way till I finished ! wish I go shopping with the 2 of u sometime 😉

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