Promise of a true bond!

With the Valentine’s Day round the corner, I was musing over the meaning or the promise of a true bond between partners/friends/companions/siblings/parents and children or just any two living beings. Here we go…

When everything around you is bleak

And you just have nothing to speak,

To feel a pair of hands

That makes you feel someone understands;

When you are at a cross-road

Not sure to step on which board,

To guide you to a correct destination

Without the least hint of hesitation;

When you are happy and standing tall

For achieving something great or small,

To laugh with you and share your joy

Like a kid playing with a new toy;

When you are filled with guilt

And wish you could go down the silt,

To forgive you and take you in the arms

And talk to you without any qualms;

When you can take it no longer

And forces against you are much stronger,

To stand by you and support you whole-heartedly

And pass on the strength most joyously;

When you are angry and hurt

And feel like tearing yourself apart,

To soothen you and make you calm

Much more efficient than a pain balm;

When you reveal your secret wish

Of doing something very silly or ticklish,

To understand your childish ways

And laugh it away without any frays;

When you are sick and feeling unwell

And would like to rest in a cosy cell,

To nurse you and bring you back to life

Without making you feel the strain on self;

When someone who is very dear

Has been pulled off from you too far,

To make sure you have another

Who can take you across without any fear;

Is the promise of a true bond !!!


48 Responses

  1. Wonderful words. So very true . With somebody’s hands to hold on, somehow anything can be faced.

  2. Yes, very true indeed.

  3. Nice one Hema

  4. Beautiful poem , Hema.. One of my favorite poems is as under: (this is by Everard Jack Appleton).

    Somewhere she waits to make you win, your soul in her firm, white hands– Somewhere the gods have made for you, the Woman Who Understands!_

    As the tide went out she found him
    Lashed to a spar of Despair,
    The wreck of his Ship around him–
    The wreck of his Dreams in the air;
    Found him and loved him and gathered
    The soul of him close to her heart–
    The soul that had sailed an uncharted sea,
    The soul that had sought to win and be free–
    The soul of which _she_ was part!
    And there in the dusk she cried to the man,
    “Win your battle–you can, you can!”

    Broken by Fate, unrelenting,
    Scarred by the lashings of Chance;
    Bitter his heart–unrepenting–
    Hardened by Circumstance;
    Shadowed by Failure ever,
    Cursing, he would have died,
    But the touch of her hand, her strong warm hand,
    And her love of his soul, took full command,
    Just at the turn of the tide!
    Standing beside him, filled with trust,
    “Win!” she whispered, “you must, you must!”

    Helping and loving and guiding,
    Urging when that were best,
    Holding her fears in hiding
    Deep in her quiet breast;
    This is the woman who kept him
    True to his standards lost,
    When, tossed in the storm and stress of strife,
    He thought himself through with the game of life
    And ready to pay the cost.
    Watching and guarding, whispering still,
    “Win you can–and you will, you will!”

    This is the story of ages,
    This is the Woman’s way;
    Wiser than seers or sages,
    Lifting us day by day;
    Facing all things with a courage
    Nothing can daunt or dim,
    Treading Life’s path, wherever it leads–
    Lined with flowers or choked with weeds,
    But ever with him–with him!
    Guidon–comrade–golden spur–
    The men who win are helped by _her_!

    _Somewhere she waits, strong in belief, your soul in her firm, white hands: Thank well the gods, when she comes to you–the Woman Who Understands!_

  5. Very true and very nice.

  6. smart words.

    well penned.
    Happy Rally.

  7. So true, so true. Beautiful words.

  8. Yes yes yes…and that is love 🙂

    Happy rally!

  9. Wonderfully written!

  10. Well said! Holds a lot of promise!:)

  11. greeting card material.. here’s mine for week 38..

  12. Thanks for sharing this with potluck..


    Have fun!

  13. Beautiful rhymes…

  14. Nice Poetry on Friendship ..
    I really enjoyed it … 😉
    Here’s mine STUFF
    !! Happy Rally !!

  15. Beautiful words. I loved the way you have the stanza’s on alternating sides, it gives the poem an air of dialogue that I enjoyed.
    The Lonely Recluse.

  16. We all should be so fortunate to have the promise of a true bond–lovely, Hema. Thanks for sharing this.

  17. Hema,

    Great words…meaningful. I loved how you staged the poem visually, too!


  18. Another?
    Is the promise of new bond… I liked the content and form of your poetry…
    Thanks for sharing…

  19. True bonds in life
    so hard to find .
    We go around searching
    for such bonds to bind.
    Lovely one !

  20. This one is really playing a tune of what we all go through 🙂

    Here is mine

  21. really loved its creative flow… beautifully written…. would love to visit this space back. keep blogging!



    Here is one of my scribbling….

  22. Thumbs up to you! Here’s mine
    I also have a twitter, my username being MsMatsui. If you want, come follow me!

  23. Loved the style! Very cool, and well written!

  24. love conquers all, Hema.. if someone is there with us, then why not? anything is possible..

    mine is here:

  25. Well written and wise. True bonds hold together under all circumstances.

  26. How romantic, with quite a beautiful message! The lines sound like wedding vows.

  27. Very nice indeed, always nice to know there is someone there to care. Thanks for sharing this lovely piece with us!

  28. Ah, love, ne…… Love the rhymes. 🙂


  29. Glad u like it!:-)

  30. Lots of rhyme and reason for Valentine’s Day. Fine Rally contribution, Hema. Thank you! 🙂

  31. Very nice post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your weblog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I am hoping you write once more soon!

  32. This poem was overall warm and very well-written. I love that it’s both serious and playful. Good work!

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