Oh my tear!!!

Tears are the window to our various emotions. They are the whistle to our heart, in my opinion.  We should learn to  just let it flow and not sniff it out. Here is a toast to our constant companion!




You are sure

to show up and

embrace me;

When I’m angry or hurt

You become hot and trickle down slowly ;

When I see someone dear to me after a long wait

You dance around effortlessly; When I am having

a lot of fun and laughter, you enjoy with me, with a smile;

When I’m filled with too much love and warmth, you caress me softly;

When I’m in pain or feel very weak, you stream silently waiting for it to fade away;

When I watch a senti piece on the screen, you just stand at the brim and tease me;

Sometimes you just walk around with me, silently as I complete my chores alone;

You come with a sniffle or a sob, a laugh or a cough;

You are with me always, to pacify me, laugh with me,

To smoothen me, to strengthen me;

You are a part and parcel of my life,

Oh my tear!!!



21 Responses

  1. When I was young & spry
    I was disdainful of you, my friend
    For I am a man and men don’t cry
    At whatever the fates may send

    But as I grow wiser and mellow
    To take you as a pal I can
    But oh so closely,please don’t follow
    Bent I may be, but still a man.

    • Man, that’s a beautiful piece. Ofcourse men don’t cry! Tears are the privilege of the fairer sex!
      But sometimes I feel why not?:) We don’t need a world full of sobbing machos but once in a while, it is ok I guess…
      Infact my poem was triggered by seeing a man in tears. Last week I was at a wedding and the bride’s Dad was sobbing during the ‘t’ time….

  2. very well described effect and nature of tears, loved it .

  3. Hi, How are you doing?

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  4. Enjoyed it , Hema .

  5. moving piece, Thanks for sharing..


  6. Ha, love it, “oh my tear!” Very well done. Tears definitely take on many functions. I really like the idea of being embraced by tears.

  7. Wonderful poem… yes,whenever we are touched inside we will have tears….nicely done.

  8. Awww… what a sweet sweet ode this was, Hema… Kudos to you for honoring this gentle companion in such a lovely manner…
    I remember writing a couple of poems on tears myself… teeheehee.. maaann!! Do they inspire or what!! 🙂

    Loved your piece, my dear… (and LOVE my friends – tears – too :))

  9. Lovely poem.

  10. share now and get the best possible feedback…

    you rock.,
    love love your presence.

  11. Well done, Hema!

    Sorry to be so late getting back to you, but I do enjoy your writing … Lovely!

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