An exquisite journey…


I visited the Tian Tan Buddha on the Lantau island a couple of months back. This is an island close to the Hongkong island and the journey starts from taking a cable car from there. It is one of the most exquisite experience that I have had so far.I have tried to capture my feelings along the journey.

On the banks of the beautiful  HongKong island,

I stand mesmerized at what nature can behold above the sand;

The cable cars soaring high up in the sky

Drag you joyously to a hidden place as you seem to fly;

Seven towers, one by one we cross,

Without a single glitch or an event gross;

When we  finally  land onto to this serene place,

The pristine cool breeze hits you right on the face;

Now, you can see the Buddha in the background,

And the heart misses a beat at this spectacular idol on the mound;

We climb the steps unable to take our eyes off the giant icon,

The sheer size and splendour  seem to enthral us into a mystery charm;

Oh my God, this is divine, this is absolutely great,

The feeling when you reach this spot is an unexplainable treat;

This  statue sitting on a Lotus altar is much bigger than what you can expect,

Formed  with 202 pieces of bronze , weighing 280 tons  and soaring 34 mts high intact;

The statue is made to perfection including the bend of the back,

It is so surprisingly proportionate that you will be taken aback;

The sun forms a halo around this grand relic,

To the soul, it exudes a sense of great joy and frolic;

The face looks so peaceful and the eyes overflowing with love,

To stop staring and look away from  it, one would need a shove;

The elegant hand of the Tian Tan Buddha  blesses the whole world,

It is so gratifying to stand beneath it and listen to the silence profound ;

The journey and  experience overall was an exquisite one,

To this Lantau island and will be etched in the memory for years to come!


24 Responses

  1. Oh yes – its a nice place indeed. Even in crowded Hong Kong , places of serenity exist.

  2. beautiful journey of serenity with some beautiful photos, Hema! I liked it.

    My Post Is Here

  3. Your words make me want to visit the Tian Tan Buddha…definitely seems like a event that would be life altering…thank you for sharing this.

  4. A great journey to a great destination!

  5. cool …enjoyed this a lot incidentendally my entry for pppl is also about a recent journey i took …..thank you for sharing

  6. beautiful…

    welcome back…

  7. excited about your trip.

  8. Hema, I could almost feel that breeze. I have been to places like this and the feelings are incomparable!


  9. This is such a nice piece. Thank you for sharing the experience with us in such a wonderful way.

  10. I agee with Silvertongue. You took us on a very nice journey. Thanks for sharing.

  11. A distant place brought close, thanks for an interesting read.

  12. what a beautiful visual tour, thanks for sharing.

  13. You’ve described the sites and sounds of your trip wonderfully. Thanks for taking us along!

    My entry this week –

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