Romancing with the Sun


 I had been to a Nature retreat recently. Here are my musings when I would go for an early morning walk everyday during my stay there.


I wake up to take a walk early in the morning,
To see the Sun kiss the Earth his first greeting;

He crawls up the horizon so daintily,
Careful not to jerk up his sleeping beauty;

The Earth unfurls herself to his smooth touch,
And reveals her untainted splendour, without ado much;

As he throws his radiant smile without any hint of refrain,
She responds by glistening the spread on her hilly terrain;

The live foliage stuck by light, starts dancing,
To the tune of the of the mild breeze wafting;

The butterflies start fluttering around,
As if dawned by a freedom new found;

The birds chirp ten to one in cheery tones,
As they rouse up from their slumber moans;

The rooster loves the crackle of his voice,
And thinks its his privilege to make some noise;

The flowers spread their blooms in a capricious blend,
It’s the beholder’s joy to watch them and let the eyes fend;

The pristine oxy-rich air is so soothing to the lung,
As I take a deep breath, by the beauty my heart is stung;

The Sun is the source of all her strength and energy,
And she enchants him by performing in total synergy;

The Sun and the Earth tease each other throughout the day,
And their first greeting is a very romantic one I would say!!


44 Responses

  1. Wow – the photo looks captivating. And the words even more so.

    But why were you up at the crack of dawn in such a dream place – granted the picture you have painted is divine, but a lie in till 10.00 AM ……….

  2. Thanks Ramesh.
    Yes, it was very tempting to pull the sheets over and continue to sleep, But how could I do that and miss all the scenary so deep?

  3. beautiful rhyming..
    you rock!



  4. Thanks Ji for your motivating words!

  5. love it! thank you!

  6. Very nice images…you are fortunate to have had this experience…and we are fortunate that you have shared it. Vb

  7. Very nice, Hema!! Glad you got the break . Makes me want to go to a retreat now 🙂

  8. Super glad you were able to make time and treat yourself with this. Love your poems:)

  9. Beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing!

  10. welcome..

    love your style, keep it up.

  11. This looks like a beautiful place to relax and write poetry.
    Excllent piece to accompany it.
    Thank you for sharing.

  12. I like your style.
    Beautiful piece.

  13. spring really is here. great words

  14. So rejuvenating to go on retreat especially at this particular time of year. How fortunate for you, Hema. I love the ending with the romance of earth and sun. Wonderful! Original! … Poem on …

    Thanks for sharing the photo as well, Hema.

    Poem on …

    • Thanks Jamie. Yes, it was a very rejuvenating experience. And the place was inspiring enough to bring out this piece from me,
      I’m going pink with your praise. Thanks for the kind words!

    • Thanks Jamie. Yes, it was a very rejuvenating experience. And the place was inspiring enough to bring out this piece from me,
      I’m going pink with your praise.

  15. I love the theme, the rhyme and the layout. It has this ambience, my word! Lovely.

  16. Beautiful Hema.

  17. Hello,
    Appreciate your participation at poets rally,
    Please return favor to poets who are here yet you did not reach them initially,
    Bless your day.
    Have fun!

  18. This has a romantic feel to it. Love the “tease” between the sun and the earth.

    Love this!

  19. lovely poem !

  20. Appreciate it for this marvellous post, I am glad I discovered this site on yahoo.

  21. The beautiful flow of words brings a vivid imagery to the poem:) Wherever we look, there is so much love in nature!

  22. romancing with the Sun, how divine.

    Thanks for the sweet treat.


  23. this is very nice. The flow and imagery throughout are wonderful.

  24. thanks for sharing your adventure with nature.


    perfectly cheerful.

  25. Truly a great rhyming and ornamentation of words. Enjoyed your poetic vision…:)

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