The blues…

It happens to all of us. You suddenly feel gloomy and would just want to sit and brood. It is just another flavour of what the mind and the heart can sometimes put you through. Just sit back, relax and let those moments pass. ________________________________________________________________

There are these days

When I feel sullen and blue

As if simmered in a stew;

The mind is wavering

Unsure what it is savouring;

There is a thorn in the heart

I don’t know why

Nor realize what is short;

The world seems murky

Everyone appears crazy;

I don’t like the food

And find every reason to brood;

The air seems a bit too warm

And the sweat eats away

Any leftover charm;

I know it takes just a little while

To get back to normalcy again;

I want it to pass away

And feel gay in the bargain;

Wonder if it is the hormones play

Or just a mere mind sway;

I write, to blind it out of my way

So I can get back to my world,

Without restrain!


33 Responses

  1. Yep – Those days come and go. As long there aren’t too many of them, I suppose its OK. In one of those moods, I now know to seek out this poem and read it !

    • Guess what, I have been stuck in Chennai this whole week! Returning only tomorrow.That sort of sets the mood…:-(

  2. Apart from the message and theme, the poem is excellent in its construction and rhyme. It gives coherency to each succeeding lines and makes it a good read. Great work.


  3. love it,

    you know things well, bless your day.
    thanks for joining the rally.


  4. And the sweat eats away

    Any leftover charm;

    I like these two lines, clever wording! Emotional and soulful, I enjoyed it!

  5. The last three lines say it all — thank heaven we have our writing to pull us out of the doldrums, eh? Nice poem!

  6. Wonderful and I can certainly relate

  7. Well you passed some of the time usefully by writing this excellent poem. Hope you are home and dry now.

  8. Thank you. Yes, the blues are already turning green.

  9. Lovely -there is no one who can’t identify with these phases–but hopefully it soon passes…

  10. Hormones are right little pests….! Wouldn’t be surprised if they were partly to blame for blues. But you put your poetic cap on to spite them anyhow! And good for you, may I add!

  11. Hope you tap out of the blues soon…..

  12. tornado hit my home town where I went to school and still have friends and family there. Normally I am very up and positive person, but this was a good time for me to read your poem. Keep your chin up and keep writing!!

  13. I have certainly known theses dark times luckily it makes the good times seem much brighter =) Wonderful poem

  14. A positive way to end your poem. Really enjoyed it.

  15. I love it….LOVELY.

  16. Good advice. Perfectly lovely poem.
    Thanks, Hema!

  17. You’re absolutely right. We all have had these kind of days. I must say, though, these kind of days have always proven to be a good day to produce a poem or two. πŸ™‚

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