Gift for life

I chanced upon this poem in my diary, which I had written quite a while ago when my son was still a kid. And this picture of Yashodha with Krishna is one of my favourites. The feel of the picture matches so well with the mood of the poem. Enjoyed putting it together.


I love him with all my heart

And of my soul he is a part;

There is nothing that can take us apart,

He is my darling little son;

My heart aches when he cries,

And I forget myself when he plays;

Though I scold him now and then,

To have him around is so much fun.

Sometimes he talks as if he is twenty four

Though he is just four and a few months more;

How he picks up such vocabulary,

Still remains to me a huge mystery;

When he competes he has to win,

To break that rule would be a sin;

For, he would create such a racket

That, to give in is the wisest way out;

At home he desists sweets,

And frowns when I bring home a treat;

But when we go visiting elsewhere,

He grabs them as if never seen;

Sometimes he thinks he is Lord SriRam,

And goes around shooting arrows plenty;

Within minutes he chooses to be Hanuman,

And jumps around the house as if for fee;

To make him sit quietly in a place,

Is as difficult as tying a broken shoe-lace;

Where from he derives all this energy,

May be of interest to the beverage industry;

He is always full of questions and queries,

The patience to answer may be only with fairies;

I have to accept, that many a time, I learn,

From the way he innocently voices his concern;

When he sleeps, the house is so quiet,

And as I hear his tender heart beat

I am left overwhelmed, with the gift

That I have been so endowed with…


24 Responses

  1. Beautiful. Wonder what he says about it now ??? Come on young man – a comment here would be nice 🙂

  2. Hema, I totally relate to this poem and love it so much … a mom too! Though mine son is forty now, I remember these days with so much foundness. Bet time of my life, if not his! The gift of a child is overwhelming in so many, many ways.

    Lovely poem and perfect illustration.



  3. […] post by Hema This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. ← It’s my birthday […]

  4. Cute! Very cute… Every portrayal, each line, each stanza. I remember my mom once wrote a poem for me when I was kid… well she had written loads but I chanced upon to read one of them.

    Its an intense feeling to describe someone so close to your breath, your existence and your life and no poetry technique can beat that emotion when such a poetry piece is created.

    Much appreciated!

    With all best regards.

    • Thanks Mihir. Yes, this relationship is indeed intense and not easily expressable. Regards to your mom too. 🙂

  5. simple yet full of emotions only a parent can understand….
    totally loved it…


  6. very well fine tuned piece,
    love the word flow, rhyming and profound words.

    cheers, thanks for the perfect piece.

  7. Absolutely beautiful and the picture really does compliment the poem. I agree the flow is outstanding and the poem is filled with such tenderness. I have my own precious little gift, she’s 3 now.

  8. Motherhood depicted very well…

  9. Witty, creative, smart, light poem you got here, Hema. I love the way you knit them together, and the rhyme, you are good. Good one.

  10. Beautiful poem……..This is how we as mothers really feel……..Thanks for sharing………….

  11. @Olive Tree – Thanks for all the nice words. Feel good.
    @Rashmi – Welcome!

  12. Beautiful and enkindles a sweet smile to whosoever may read this 🙂

    Fabulous work!
    P.S.-Thanks for your visit 🙂

  13. lovely 🙂 🙂

  14. Thank you critic!:-)

  15. Our children are treasures. BEautiful poetry to honor the gift that a child is.

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