Flash of hope!

Some listless musing on a rainy night….


As I stand dripping in the rain,
sheltered only by some
broken twigs above,
I hear the eerie wind,
I smell the sweet wet mud,
I feel the rustling cool breeze,
And realize it is totally dark;

The ocean of darkness
spreads all around me,
As the rain clatters
on the branches above
And hits the gravel below.

I tighten the grip on my bag
And can feel my body slightly sag;
I can hear a distant bark
And somewhere a door slamming hard;

The road is suddenly deserted,
Everyone seems to have drifted
into the coziness of their homes.
I am left all alone totally scared.

A child gives a throaty scream
As if to have mouthed my feeling;
I shudder quietly,
Feeling something soft near my feet.
I see it is only a lonely cat
seeking shelter just like me.

Just when I think
That I am a solitary soul,
I see the silhouettes of some people
huddled together under a lamppost
Also dripping just like me.

I had not noticed them
In the turbulence that my mind
had undergone
within such a short span of time.

I notice a flash of light,
A nearby shop has been lit.
Few people hurry towards it
The rejuvenating flash of hope;
And so do I.



19 Responses

  1. Aha – that’s a rarer interpretation of a rainy night. Can picture the scene – thats what your words do so well.

    Btw – did it rain in your parts yesterday ??

  2. A flash of hope…is what Gen X requires too 🙂
    Yes, it did rain over here last night, but not as bad as it was a couple of days back.

  3. Beautiful imagery emotional and physical you really took the reader to that moment with you and I love that dawning realization that you are not alone in this world that there are others struggling, living just as you

    • Thanks for capturing the message in the poem.
      Yes, we many times forget that there are a lot of others like us too and there is always always a way out too.

  4. started feeling the rain around me reading this.

  5. so vivid and crisp….beautiful words. Loved it !

  6. beautifuly expressed.


  8. I am with you.
    well done…

    keep inspiring.
    Happy Rally.

  9. Wow ..just wow!! Poem full of feelings..and I really loved every single line 🙂

  10. it was a very simple poem. a very simple, and elegant, and yes, before i forget.. lovely poem.

  11. Some new smells of a rainy scene

  12. You were really drawing a picture with words! Nice job. The first five stanzas were excellent. But it seems you lost that vigor towards the ending stanzas. Anyways great work 🙂

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