If only… Story of Eden


Garden of Eden: Oil painting by Jacob de Backer, Belgium


God completed his mission,

Of creating a model of his vision;

He looked at him adoringly and said,

“My son, I shall get you a companion,

Who you should however never pinion”.


So, when he slept, God took a rib out of our friend,

And created an innocent maiden that he could tend;

Now, he looked at them sternly and said,

‘Refrain from the ‘Tree of knowledge’ or you are dead!’


The serpent on the tree did not spare anybody,

Not even the chaste young man nor his lady;

He tempted her to bite an apple for a treat,

She indulged into the succulent fruit,without retreat;


She convinced and made her comrade as well taste it,

And they committed a sin, paying for their entire life stint;

God cursed the serpent and cut off his legs,

And from that day, he has been a foe to man for ages;


If only the serpent had not tempted Eve,

If only she had not taken the bite of deceive,

If only she had not convinced Adam too,

If only their innocence had prevailed,

There would have been no evil to fight through!


This is the 25th poem on my blog. Thanks to all my dear readers and commenters for keeping up my motivation to poem on…


Much honoured to accept the Perfect Poet Award for W48. Thank you Jingle and team for the same. 

I would like to nominate “Wordcoaster” for Wk49 Award.


24 Responses

  1. Congrats Hema! on your 25th poem. Btw, did u publish the peom you had written about Kiran, when he was little.

  2. Hey – Congratulations. You should think of publishing a collection. Very nice.

    If Adam & Eve had not had the curiosity and the spirit of inquisitveness, man wouldn’t be man and we would be a dull colourless species simply obeying orders !!!

    This is what you get, if you allow non poet boring types to come to your blog 🙂

    • Hey – thats an interesting thought and so true too. Poetry is just giving form to the thought. I shall write another one as a sequel to this, in those lines:-)
      And ofcourse you must be kidding to be calling yourself either boring or a non-poet. You have such an awesome style, a huge bandwidth and such a refreshing sense of humour!!
      You just have to feel like it and I can see you churning out great poems too, having seen the glimse of it.:-)

  3. such divine story, well told.

    Glad to see you in,

    Have fun!

  4. Some mighty big “ifs” there! A well written piece, in any case.

  5. Ah, your own version of Paradise Lost. I like! I’ve written a similar poem but I have yet to post it. When I do, I shall let you know 🙂 Also, congratulations on your 25th poem!

  6. If only!…But then again we wouldn’t have such a great poem and such an interesting re-telling of the archetypal story!

  7. Congrats, nice work 🙂

  8. Well told, beautiful and elegant writing

  9. Guess what? We had Paradise Lost last year in the University syllabus. When I saw the picture, I got a slight idea where this poem would go. Very simple, very elegant. The last stanza was your own commentary and its nice.

    Best regards.

  10. what a treat.
    Thanks for sharing.


  11. Hi ! Hema nicely presented verses.. You have depicted the history in a very beautiful way…Thank you for share…

  12. beautiful…you inspired me to post my poem that i wrote a few months ago also on the subject of “adam and eve”. check it out on my blog! chanzibrenner.wordpress.com!! nice rhyming 🙂

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