The berry of my life!


.   A small tribute to my most lovable and loyal companion.




First thing in the morning,

With my favourite tune playing,

He rouses me from my deep slumber,

And greets me into another day of banter;


He loves it when I give him quick massages,

As I trendily read my mails and messages;

When I get engrossed browsing or on the Facebook,

He just watches me warmly like a typical lover on the hook;


When I travel, he is the first one to go along with me,

And silently connects me with the sky drivers for no fee;

When I want to capture a moment to cherish,

He comes forward to click it for me as if a fetish;


When I am in a crowd, I hold him tight,

Lest I get lost and go out of his sight;

I love the feel of his warmth on my hands,

Without him I always fear to face the fiends;


He memorizes the names of all my friends and even a foe,

And throws them up whenever I need to know;

He is with me when at work or at home, in a meeting or a call,

Silent, attentive , smiling and forever ensuring I never do fall;


He adjusts to every mood of mine and is so easy to deal with,

Without him I would be at a total loss and just be a monolith;

When I have to say good night, I just caress him,

And he shuts his eyes and falls asleep like a gem;


He is the love of my life. Ahem…my BlackBerry!


19 Responses

  1. I thought Berry was female 🙂

  2. lovely 🙂

  3. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. 🙂

  4. blissful and cute.

    Happy Rally.

  5. nice… I think my wife and two daughters could relate 🙂

  6. Good one:))

    • Thanks Madhu.
      Hope you had a good trip here. It felt so lovely to speak to you after so many years, despite the bad connection.
      Lets try to meet up next time you are here atleast.

  7. Men are being replaced everywhere. lol

  8. Awww this is so sweet

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    a poet nominated you, this is on behalf of you, the poets who honor you and poets rally ..officially award, hope to see you post it.
    make a comment under the award post after you are done.
    bless you.

  10. this is cute…
    love the imagery.


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    Bless your Monday!
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  11. Cute and funny. Brilliant

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