Welcome to the Corporate world

Happenings in a corporate office environment – trivia


If you take quick decisions, you are hasty,

And don’t seem to analyse too well;

If you do not, you are a tad lazy,

And will soon be dumped into the well;


If you prefer to delegate or talk one on one

You are not a progressive team person;

If you tend to have more group meetings,

Then you are a ‘preacher’ and action none;


If you smile or laugh too much,

You are not sophisticated enough;

If you are stern or show a frown,

You are a sticky boss on the trough.


If you see the ‘big picture’

You do not have ‘eye for detail’;

And if you get into too much detail

You are tagged, merely ‘transactional’!


You  achieve your targets,

Then you have not planned right;

And if you under achieve,

You are not a “go-getter”!


You get a brownie from your boss,

There are many ears listening but eyes turn aside;

If you are being fired for something in a toss,

Then all eyes are on you but none beside;


Welcome to the Corporate world,

Where one really needs to be bold,

If you truly want to hold

Onto your pride and get going untold!


33 Responses

  1. Good one Hema! Overall moral is that, it doesn’t matter what you do, it can be taken the wrong way. So, do what you think is right and ignore the gangs…

    Why is there a smiley in between? Is that to indicate that it should all be taken in the lighter sense…

    • Thanks Suresh.
      Yes, the smiley is to indicte to take it lightly.
      (pssst….I was actually searching for a para breaker and then hit upon this idea)

  2. The best possible thought of a corporate. For someone who has been sub ordinate and Boss this tellS it all.

    We target Market Share
    Without any major care
    Challenge the competition to dare
    Goof up and just say it is not Fair

    We achieve we are performers
    We make others achieve, we are reformers
    We fail we are unfit
    Team fails we are misfit

  3. Oh brilliant.And the lovely repartee from Muni.

    We can’t win, can we ???? Oh yes, we can, when the stars collude and your sales go zoom.

    • Thanks Ramesh. Your words make me add…
      Win we can , yes we can,
      ThankGod ,on success there is no ban;
      Wait for the stars to smile,
      And see your sales zoom a mile. 🙂

  4. As I said in facebook… very well said, and I somehow think, it fits women , as we have to fight a tad bit more than men in this corporate world.

    • Yes, Shoba, totally agree.
      It is tougher for us compared to men, as we need to balance certain other things also which men may not be very sensitive too.
      It gets lonely out there!

  5. nicely expressed aunty…especially it coming from u, who has a lot of experience…i guess i agree wid suresh uncle…i guess v just have to be ourselves and do wht v believe is right… 🙂

    • Hi Arthi,
      Welcome to my blog and to the Corporate world!
      As I told you , “I’m glad to to announce that my experience is more than your age.”
      Take care girl. 🙂

  6. Nice concept..Happy rally…..

  7. so true! personally I am not an advocate of analysis paralysis 😉

  8. Enjoyed reading this!

  9. True Words .. Very Remarkable

    Anyways, Take a look some of my Poetry Collections …

    some of my Haiku Collections

    and also, on my very recent Work as well

    !!! Happy Rally !!!
    Cheers !!

  10. neat.

    well composed.

  11. I have no experience with the corporate world but your poem gave me an idea of its going-ons 🙂
    really nice poem, great structure

  12. Witty piece, hit the nail on the head…it’s a dog-eat-dog world…glad I got out of it!

  13. Very well written. I agree with ur penning.
    I am here ~ http://puplumages.wordpress.com/2011/08/30/whispers-of-the-soul/

  14. vivid capture of modern world, where folks are always on the lookout for trouble.

    witty job.


  15. LOL. Love your perfect capture of the corporate world. I am glad I am out of it.



  16. dear hema.
    your corporate worldis good.
    agood exicutive is one who takes decisions.there may be one or two
    wrong decitions.one should not brood about it.keep taking decisions
    boldly..corporate world is always challeng.

    best wishes

  17. Hi hema , I agree..one need to be bold enough to hear,bear and keep going….confidence and positive approach pays..

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