I wish…

 I saw an old man lying alone on a bed in a hospital. The wrinkles on his face, the sadness in his eyes and the wry smile, spoke to me thus. A great lesson learnt.



I feel the cold smooth sheets under my arms,

And can sense their indifferent touch;

I wish I had a pair of warm hands

Holding mine and conveying they care as much;

I see the white-washed walls, clean and dry,

And a bottle, pouring ounces of life into me drop by drop;

I wish I could see the sweet faces of my grandchildren,

And enjoy some moments with them as they hip hop;

I hear the dull buzz of the machine next to me,

Measuring my heart beat by the second;

I wish I could hear the patter of my pet,

And his thick tail thumping confidence into me;

I smell the sulphur and the jasmine scented phenol,

The maid has just mopped the room clean and sterile;

I wish I could smell the real roses in my pretty garden,

And sweeten my last few breaths with a whiff of it;

I taste the bitterness of the bile and the cyclosporine,

It dries my mouth and makes me crave for some water;

I wish I could have one last bite of the delicious cake that my wife bakes,

And gracefully close my eyes and walk into the safe hands in heaven.


Thank you Poets Rally Team for honouring me with this ‘Perfect Poets Award -WK 56″ – http://promisingpoetsparkinglot.blogspot.com/

Being part of the Rally

Makes me feel proud and confident

Humbling experience.



27 Responses

  1. divine write, bless him.

    prayers and love.

    you rock.


  2. Wonderfully poignant. We’ve been missing you here .

    • Thanks Ramesh…some profound truth, no? The mind may dull and the heart may weaken but our senses are awake till the end and need attention.

  3. It’s hard to think of folks being alone at a time like this, thank you for putting a spotlight on it.

  4. So touching. When one is old, death is not as sorrowful as the absence of the loved ones. Bless him and you too for making me pause 🙂

  5. Surreal in its depth – an interesting write on the onset of one’s death

  6. ‘indifferent touch’ and the sulphur reference are what i found really well imagined, and executed in the poem.

    The poignancy is something you have already got complements for. =)

  7. this is powerful.

    Thanks for sharing,

  8. cyclosporine??? Akka!! 🙂

  9. very touching and powerful.


  10. AMAZING – made me ache for the old man Hema! You should try sending this to some journals

  11. love the vivid imagery, wow.
    you rocked on it.

    share early and get better feedback, we have poets rally week 55 tomorrow.

    hope to see you in.


  12. Good poem, Hema, and so sad as well!

  13. well deserved award, wow.

    invite you to join poetry picnic today, simply share a relevant or a random piece, and enjoy!
    Happy Thanksgiving,
    Always, your presence is sunshine to us.
    Best Wishes!

    your talent rocks.

  14. What a deep, deep poem you wrote here, to put yourself into this man’s position and possibly look at life from his view, it must have been quite a humbling experience. Congratulations on the award from Poets Rally. You deserve it.

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