Intricate Beauty


The spider spins the silver casket,

The contour  so refined and classic;

The  naïve insect would least suspect,

This glistening tapestry to be its death trap,magic.


The pitcher plant starts to blossom,

And spreads its green and red all over;

The flies get attracted to the nectar and the pigments,

Which eventually drowns them to fuel the plant ,ever.


The jelly fish floats around so gracefully,

Its flowing tresses so gorgeous and bright,

The innocent prey , stunned  by this luminescence,

Is swallowed mercilessly in just a few seconds, tight.


These are such intricate beauties of nature,

Which seems to take a cruel twist, that is fain;

However, it is actually not vicious at all,

For that’s the way nature has designed the food chain.


Thanks for the Perfect Poets Award AVA. Much honoured.

Would like to nominate Rohit for next week.


26 Responses

  1. Lovely!! Something that has always fascinated me !! You put it beautifully!

  2. There is danger in beauty ……

    Better the ugly angel than the beautiful witch !!!!!

  3. Excellent poem, death and life coming together!

  4. fish, trees, what cute imagery our of these.

    a fantastic write.


  5. hope all is well.

    fantastic imagery on this, smiles.

    welcome join poets rally week 56 today.

  6. Beautiful poem, love the way you’ve portayed the predators and their prey

  7. love this!

  8. beautiful,

    have a lovely day appreciating the beauty of nature, cheers.


  9. you are talented.



  10. […] nominating Inside Hema’s Den for the next award (who also won it this week, but I really loved her […]

  11. Definitely true indeed – nature is beautiful and scary, but thus, that is essence of life. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

    Here’s mine for the rally: Butterflies

  12. excellent and true
    congrats on perfect poets award, well earned!

  13. Well written. You manage to convey the mystical nature of our natural world. I liked the “silver casket” description. Probably the best description in this sweet little poem.

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