Presenting a potpourri of very simple and random situational triplets. Each one tells a story in a way and each has a contrasting feeling/emotion within the verses. No rhyme or reason!



Full of life

He was speeding

Dropped dead.


Late and guilty

Rushed to pick her up 

Bliss in the hug.


Dried and thirsty

Maneuvering the dunes

Oasis was dream.


Cats and dogs

Incessant pouring for days

Sunshine smiles.


Tornado hit

Ransacked the town

Calm after storm.


You and me

Can bake out wonders

My oven.


Zzz  zzzz….snore

Tough exam tomorrow

My son.


Whipping Haikus

Waiting at the airport

That’s me.


Having fun

Directing everyone’s life

That’s God.


30 Responses

  1. Mmmmm. Interesting – the format and the actual triplet itself.

    Btw – do you really do haikus while waiting at the airport ????

  2. exam tomorrow?

    love this little gem, a fun read.

  3. bliss in the hug, sure can be, 🙂
    my entry: http://lynnaima.wordpress.com/2011/11/28/as-one/

  4. Enjoyed the potpourri of short stories. Each one does tell a tale all of its own. Thanks for sharing.

  5. what a playful piece.


  6. i think i just found me a new favorite blog! i am following! Thanks for sharing! (found you through Gooseberry)

    ♥ Kellie – Follow me on Twitter: @BackyardPonders


  7. What a joy
    Reading your haiku
    In my night


  8. hey ,this is a amazing form of poem writing
    had never come accross something like these cute 3 liners 🙂

  9. In this hurry-burry world , I can relate to “whipping haiku” ! I do that all the time.

  10. a fun read, I love the short forms 🙂

  11. These haiku’s were very delightful. They were fun and clever. a great read.

  12. Love the open freedom that taste like joy I get when looking at this picture.

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