Will he return??…A saga of love

She waited for him silently at the door,

Recklessly counting the boards on the floor;

She wanted him to so badly return,

And hug her like the ring of Saturn;

They had argued a lot last night,

And she thought it was a lost fight;

She knew she was not to be blamed,

For all the things that she got framed;

He no longer wanted to believe or trust her,

And thought her heart had wafted to some other;

He felt it was a sting on his proud and macho ego,

For, they were wedded a long long while ago;

How will she ever explain to her beloved,

That she was tricked by his own best friend;

She had innocently obliged his request,

To  bake a cake for him at his home instead.

She had least expected that things would turn,

Against her so much , that she did’ve to mourn;

The widower took advantage of the situation,

And had clasped her in his arms, with wild imagination.

The husband had come in just in time,

To catch them holding tight in crime;

“Oh dear, I can  explain”, her head screamed,

The damage was done, the old man deemed.

He packed a few things and started to slowly tread,

‘Keep the house. you need it more than me’, he said;

I love you too much to hurt you or make eyes meet,

But my heart cannot soak in the love of a cheat;

‘No!’ she cried, ‘this cannot be true, this cannot be real,

We have lived together, a life so comfortable and surreal;

You cannot leave me my dearest, my heart, my soul,

I will breathe my last if you do not return to your girl’;

She couldn’t run behind him in the snow,

For her arthritic knee wouldn’t dare;

She couldn’t scream for a friend or a foe,

As her weak lungs, the cold air wouldn’t spare;

So, she waited for him silently at the door,

Recklessly counting the boards on the floor;

She wanted him to so badly return,

And hug her like the ring of Saturn.

Will he return?

( Readers are welcome to  give a fitting end to the story too )


44 Responses

  1. She felt a sudden warmth, to her surprise
    It was her husband, like the ring of Saturn
    She thought for a moment, did my dream come true?
    She opened her eyes, to realize, it was nothing but a bad dream…

  2. Can’t explain the feeling I went through reading this poem. Simply amazing.

  3. Hema..my god. This is by far your best! Knocked the wind out of me…very rarely can people keep tension going in a poem – you have done it. Fantastic job!

  4. Ouch Ouch Ouch. Beautiful ending by Suresh, which I whole heartedly endorse

  5. Gripping poem, with a fair ending by Suresh!

  6. He came in with the speed at which he went
    She was speechless at this gift God sent!
    ‘Have you taken me back in your fold?’
    ‘Nah! Don’t kid yourself, It was just too cold!’

    She knew he was back to being the same
    Putting a smile on her face to erase any shame
    She ran as fast as her knees would allow
    To hug the man she always loved

    ‘One swallow doesn’t make a summer,
    One hug doesn’t make a cheat
    Now get on with it woman!’
    With that he sat down on his favorite seat!

  7. love it,

    happy holidays.

  8. I am speechless. This poem is full of love and sadness.

    Happy Poetry Picnic

  9. sad yet hopeful.

    patience is important at times, yes, offer explanations,
    thanks for sharing,

  10. Beautiful poem, I just loved it 🙂 Thank you sharing it 🙂

  11. Skillfully written

  12. oh dearie, I felt her pain. It flowed so well that I nearly couldnt keep up with it. I especially enjoyed the second bit by Sridhar Ramanathan.

    An excellent love prose!

  13. This was an awesome poem. I like that it was a short story and the fact you wanted others to join in. I hope to know the end.

  14. ah if he loves her he will be back to talk things through… i hope..smiles.. welcome at dVerse Hema..

  15. oh nice story telling…i hope that they are able to see beyond this… a stirring write…nice to see you at dverse…

  16. Nice story…very nicely progressing giving a panic feel..Thoroughly enjoyed reading this..Thanks for share friend…

  17. what a wonderful narrative! you pen beautifully! the sadness is evident and yet there remains hope and a deeper resonance of strength in your words. nice work


  18. Like that “ring of Saturn”

  19. So touching and emotionally deep.. i enjoyed your take on this ~


  20. @ Kellie – Thank you for the kind words.
    @Miriam – 🙂
    @Heaven – Glad you enjoyed it.Thanks.

  21. what a dramatic and moving piece.


  22. This was beautifully written and rhythmic…not to mention the fact that the story was heartfelt. I’m glad your comment on my blog brought me to your page.

    Much Peace and Abundant Blessings to you in the upcoming year

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