“Missing my heart”

A tender reminiscence…


She walked alone on the sandy shore,

Her eyes dreamy and seeking something more;

She stood for a while and looked at the seas ,

As sweet memories flooded her without cease;


She remembered how he had hugged her,

His breath was warm and had tickled her ear;

She loved to have her hands around him,

And  feel his heart beating at its own whim;


He had pushed way a loose strand on her face,

As he looked into her eyes with so much grace;

He had clasped her waist so lightly and with ease

She found it so tender and didn’t mean to tease;


He had kissed her lightly on her eyes,

It was so caring that she had felt no frays;

He had touched her lips and showered caresses,

As he burried his face in her golden tresses;


Her phone rang and shook her up from her dream,

He said ‘Hi, its me, what’s up , my sweetie cream?’

She said softly, ’Hey, I am thinking about you’,

‘Nay, just missing my heart that’s flown with you!’


*Photo credit: Keith Levit Photography -World of Stock


15 Responses

  1. Wah Wah.

  2. Yes, my sweetie cream! I am missing all of you…

  3. @ Ramesh – Shukriya Jenaab!
    @ Shoba – Miss you too. Take care.

  4. i like…:)

  5. A very sweet and romantic poem, Hema. Love is wonderful!


  6. Sweet poem that sets up a romantic mood:)

  7. Awww! I love to write these kind of poems for my hubby 🙂 Very nicely done!! smiles, Terri

  8. How lovely. Well done. : )

  9. dreamy imagery, well done.

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