An acrostic tribute

Here is my tribute to one of the most simple, respected and powerful leaders of our country. It is Sarvodaya Day or Martyr’s Day today – the day when he was assasinated in the year 1948.

If you also respect him as much, you are welcome to leave a comment here in his honour.

Vande Mataram!


12 Responses

  1. Wonderful that you chose to honour the greatest martyr of the nation. A day when we should honour with silence , thoughtfulness and a fervent prayer that there need be no more martyrs at all.

    Every Republic Day the award of the Ashok Chakra by the President before the start of the Republic Day parade is one of the most moving of events. Frequently its a martyr who is awarded and his wife or father receives the award. This year the father of Lt Navdeep Signh received the award for his son who was killed fighting terrorists. There can’t be a dry eye who sees this.

    Salute to all the martyrs of the nation.

  2. What a beautiful soul he had…which lives even today through his written words

    Much peace to you

  3. Hema, You are proving that you are a true Mahatma Gandhi Centenary Vidyalaya product !!! Well done !


  4. I really admire his thought, simplicity and discretion.

    Its beautiful Hema

  5. love your acrostics, well done poetry,


  6. Great Hema!

    I love him, I admire hinm very much! He’s one of my favorite political leaders, and I want to be like him! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

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