A sunny night ?

The night is cold and lonely

The air is crisp and stinging,
It is dark and eerie,
But my thoughts are crystal clear;

The sun is up somewhere,
People are working fair.
It is a bright and busy day.
But I’m forcing myself to sleep here;

The stomach is satiated and content,
And doesn’t have the will to refill,
But the bowels think it is food time now,
And is confused and growls for a snack.

When the sun rises up tomorrow,
I may be fast asleep, and,
If woken up from the slumber,
Would want to duck into the comforters.

Am I basking in the night
Or fantasizing the day?
What is real and what is true?
Is it morning or is it the night?
Am I here or am I there?

No, I am not depressed,

Nor am I turning into a psycho,
Its just the play of the time zones,
When one is on the other side of the globe!


10 Responses

  1. Aha . Whereabouts in the world are you ???

    Missed you in this space for a while.

  2. Hi, am in US for a couple of weeks for some personal work.

  3. Funny the things that can inspire prose, jetlag disorientation or even indigestion…I’m one for too much caffiene. enjoyed this one thank you

  4. I love the playful tone of this.
    The rhythm is absolutely delicious.
    Makes you think…

  5. It is always sunny somewhere in the world … for jet lag or insomniacs the days can run together … I’ve experienced this! 😀

  6. Jet lag can create this feeling:) Nicely expressed!

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