At the poolside…

Saw this lovely picture. Probably , this is what she is thinking…

Readers are welcome to add in their own versions too.


The cool air caressing my tired feet,

The sound of the ripples music to my ears,

The clear evening cleansing my mind,

The thoughts of you fondling my heart;

I gently close my eyes,

As I get lost in the ambience,

I thank God for all that He has given me,

Especially the gift called thee;

I feel good and I feel strong

I am ready to take what life can throng!


25 Responses

  1. Ahh you pretty pretty lady
    To see ya my tired feet shalt walk a hundred miles
    To hear ya shall be music to my ears
    To think of ya shalt cleanse the mind
    To feel ya and the heart goes fonder
    I gently close my eyes
    And get lost in your fragrance
    I feel good and I feel strong
    I am ready to take what life can throng
    If only God may give me
    The Gift called thee

  2. Lovely, soothing poem, that I could have some of that “cool air caressing my tired feet”

  3. Nalla appidiye paduthu thoonguna, sorgama irukkum….Enna, kaathu konjam jaasthi… Oru shawlum Oru pillowvum irundha nalla irukkum…:)

  4. A very peaceful poem. Nice and soothing.

    Someday Somewhere – Hope

  5. This is wonderful … your imagery has me right there in the midst of it. Thank you for sharing with us. Thank you for visiting my Day 9 ~~ Stretches of Seashore.

  6. smiles…she def has contentedness written on her posture and face…i like that…fondling my heart…that is a great line there…made me smile.

  7. A poem about blissful contentedness. If I closed my eyes, and had this poem read to me, that would be what I would feel.

  8. so positive and living breathing life- we all long for that person to hold our hearts in their hands

  9. The picture is almost as beautiful as your poem.

  10. Lovely and refreshing. Regaining strength from feeling love. Thanks for sharing this poem.

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  12. Hello.
    She looks like she has just been kissed by her beau and is listening to him serenading her with love poetry from his heart. Lovely photo and poetry. Thanks for sharing.

    The Violet Maiden

  13. Nice interpretation of the picture. I love the positive feel to it! On hot careless summer days I do feel and think exactly the same 🙂

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