A Prayer


My dearest God,

I fear:

Not death that may hit us without notice,

Nor failures that may kick in when most unexpected;

Not calamities that may engulf us without mercy,

Nor miseries that we may come across in everyday life;

Not the tensions of work or family as the case may be,

Nor the physical pains that we may have to endure;


Loss of freedom to express and do what I will,

Loss of strength to take the right decisions,

Loss of balance to judge what is fair and what is not,

Loss of humility when there are successes,

Loss of patience to be kind to others,

Loss of spirit to take life as it comes.


Please take care and bless me with what I need even if it is not what I may wish for.


16 Responses

  1. Beautifully said, Hema!!!

  2. Very nice.

    But I also fear death, failures, calamities … 😦

  3. It looks like to me that the first part talks about things that are not in our control and the second talks about stuff we have in control… Well written!

    • Precisely. The top ones are all mostly external to us and we pretty much have to just face it. The bottom ones, we should try hard not to get influenced to change internally.

  4. Easily one of your best Hema! Suresh’s explanation of not in control vs. in control sums it up nicely.

    Wonderful words of wisdom….

  5. Beautiful prayer, Hema, if we could practice this way of thinking life can be truly amazing 🙂

  6. Hema, Well written !!!

  7. love the humility in your last line…the things i need, not that i want…that i might not even know what to ask for…nice prayer…

  8. Hema, Out of your poems that I’ve read, I like this the most. Well-written and precise.

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