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  1. Makes the mind so calm…

  2. Bangalore is like that these days, isn’t it ? Colourful poem, both literally and figuratively !

    Trust the French to have a complicated word for a rainbow !!

  3. This was lovely. I love the way You creatively type out the rainbow colors for us. I loved that it’s a giant necklace, one to wear across word. 🙂 http://leah-jamielynn.typepad.com/

  4. Interesting use of typographical color to underline the theme of your poem! Definitely a breath of fresh air.

  5. smiles…very cool…i love what you did with the colors in the verses…a necklace…nice…love the nature touches

  6. A well-coordinated piece – words and graphics. 🙂


  7. What a truly beautiful poem!! I particularly love the use of shape and colour to enhance words that make me sigh with delight. Lovely!!

  8. Oh, this is neat. Love the photo and how your piece took on it’s quality, even literally it’s colors. Fine job. Thanks

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