Playing with acrostics

Beautifully profound

Luxurious treat to the eyes

In the midst of fantasy

Soulful and artful

Surely takes away the breath.


Watching the street narrowing down

And expecting to see a speck of the truck

I sit by the eleventh Milestone waiting

Turning into a stone myself,  almost.


Lovely feeling you bring on to me

Over lots of warmth and indulgence

Very satisfying and fulfilling

Eternally yours I wish I could be.


After she said the final good-bye

Neither felt the need to contact

Game was over and they had to

Elegantly lead their own lives

Raging still within, are the embers.



16 Responses

  1. Can understand the Bliss, love and anger, but why “wait” ?? Can only fathom that its because we had to wait a whole month for your post !!!

  2. nice acrostics….anger will def color our decisions you know…and sometimes make them unrationale…i rather like BLISS as well..

  3. Anger and Bliss
    OKAY! I say…
    like hug and kiss
    inseparable they!

    Hema, I don’t recall being here before now. Thanks for your visit to my place.

  4. watching the street narrowing down, sitting by the milestone waiting and turning into stone…heck…this speaks volumes..

  5. Those are some beautiful acrostics, Hema. I liked the bliss one best, it went perfectly with the picture that you have chosen. 🙂

  6. Very very good! I liked it..

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  7. Each one so unique and descriptive of the word it inspired. Beautifully done, Hema…really enjoyed these.

  8. Lovely acrostics!:)

  9. Glad you like it Tarang:)

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