Oh my, my!

Caught in a quagmire,

Sinking down and in ;

The slush hugging my waist,

And gnawing at my chest;

My hands are waving,

And groping the thin air;

There is no one to bother,

An ophidian would seem a friend;

My legs are twirling around,

Tugging me deep inside;

My eyes are screaming for help,

My lips sealed with fear;

Drenched in sweat,

I open my eyes with a start;

Thank God it’s a nightmare!


11 Responses

  1. Thought provoking & Excellent – as usual.

  2. Oh my, my !
    Caught is a waft of sweetness,
    Soaring through the sky;
    The thin air hugs my waist,
    a gentle breeze on my chest;
    My hands are waving,
    And feeling the wisps of clouds;
    There are many birds around,
    All of them my friends;
    I twirl around in joy,
    Soaring higher and higher;
    My mind is screaming not to stop,
    My lips sing the song of nature;
    Drenched in sweat,
    I open my eyes with a start;
    Does my sweet dream have to end ?

    • Oh my, my!
      What a lovely twist,
      To my somber gist;
      Just love it!

      • You are a class act
        To repartee like that
        What else can I say
        But Touche !

        Hema said:

        I’m floored Monsieur!

  3. Nice composition Hema! And I liked Ramesh’s take also:)

  4. Awesome… loved the twist..keep writing

  5. Enjoyed reading this. At first, I thought it was about someone who just felt that he or she was alone and was probably struggling with a problem and there was no one there to talk it over with.
    I was surprised to discover there at the end that it was a nightmare, but then again most of my nightmares are kind of like this. LOL!
    Thanks for sharing; blessings!


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