Germy issue!

If you have ever been through a toothache, you will see what I mean.


12 Responses

  1. Wow. You are too much. A poem to combat toothache …. too much 🙂

    Of course, oh you poor thing 🙂

  2. oh goodness.. i really have a very nice (and very good looking) dentist…smiles…but glad when i don’t have to see him..ha…

  3. Loved it!! I am going to share this with a friend.

  4. lol So funny! I like the double meaning in the last line. Fun poem =-)

  5. ouch….ugh…i do not like the dentist…but i dont like tooth pain all the more….brush brush brush

  6. my teeth ache just reading this. love the last line. (insert toothy grin)

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