Soul searching…

In the last couple of months,  I have seen three of my dear aunts pass away from this world in the life forms they existed. It has been intriguing me on how this whole cycle of life happens and what exactly happens to the soul that departs the body and how the body, mind and the atma sync up again to structure another life form. This is just a downpour of my thoughts and bears no particular semblence to anyone in particular.


Is death the stop of breath?

Or is it merely another state of life?

The body has stopped thriving

But the soul is still intact it appears

Pray, is the mind aware of this fact

Or has it gone along with the perished body?

Does it direct the soul to move on,

Or does the soul take on the driver’s seat?

So, who decides what is the next move?

Or where does it take a life form again?

It is a bit too overwhelming

To try to figure out the next outcome.

We miss the loved one whose soul has departed

The person in that life form is no more;

Maybe there is nothing more beyond this,

Or is it so difficult to comprehend,

That we just let the thoughts stand;

May the dear souls rest in peace…



24 Responses

  1. Indeed, so difficult to comprehend Hema.

    May their souls rest in peace.

  2. may their souls rest in peace,Hema…but food for thought?
    i beieve death is final…and all consuming…!!!

  3. Ahh – these questions will be grappled with by humanity for ages – what are we and where do we go?
    My condolences Hema – Loss is very hard.

  4. Sorry for your loss. I am so glad that writing can help you to express your grief. Really enjoyed this piece and your know your aunts are smiling down on you for putting these feelings to paper.

  5. These are the questions always on our mind, isn’t it? Have been feeling the pain, especially with T aunty’s passing. “Live life as though it is your last day “. No words better said.

  6. I am sorry for your loss. With regards to the the poem, I thought your poem was interesting and brought up great questions. The last line was a nice ending to your poem. Good work.

  7. great exploration of life’s issues and love the vivid imaginations.


  8. You have a great imagination. Thanks for sharing your views.

  9. Dear Hema,

    My sincere condolences. Pray for yr peace and that of your family’s.
    As it is said by Lord Krishna when advicing Arjuna, we are made of pancha boothas (Agni, Vayu, water, akasha & earth (sand) – and when we die, we give it back to the nature. We are a part of nature always – when we live or die. Our life is determined based on our karma.
    take care,

  10. Sorry for your loss Hema. Painful thougts….you expressed them very well. Great write. Many thanks for your visit

  11. dear hema, am sorry for your loss. Take care.
    love and warm wishes, nalini

  12. Good contemplation. First step towards your journey in wanting to understand the process. In your paragraph there are three words phrases which require greater contemplation .1} :my: 2) Passing away 3) Atma/soul (used in the same context) Want to know more? Babu

    • Hi Babu,

      Thanks for the note. Yes, I very much would like to know more. It is all so fuzzy as of now. Would love to catch up with you sometime and learn more about it.

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