Gloom over the dainty land!

Chennai musing…

Chennai was hit by a severe flood and the whole city is in a dismal state. This is my musing over the sad state of the city:


She is languishing in deep depression,

Immersed in a melancholic strain;

She is weeping her heart out,

Like she has never ever done before;

She is covered with filth all over her,

Only worsening as her tears try to wash it away;

She refuses to embrace her guests with a warm hug,

Nor greet them with her bright sunshine smile as always;

Her mind should pay attention to her well-being,

And her heart should reach out to her bruised limbs;

She had paid a lot of attention to charm and glory,

But failed her attention on her basic fitness;

She has been taking pride in her glamour,

While she has missed out on her yoga and stretches;

It will take days for her to get back to shape,

With lot of focus and unflagging effort;

Let us reach out to her and support her,

Until she is able to smile on her own again;

Nature has her own way of combat techniques,

And none can dare stand to offend her!!



At the poolside…

Saw this lovely picture. Probably , this is what she is thinking…

Readers are welcome to add in their own versions too.


The cool air caressing my tired feet,

The sound of the ripples music to my ears,

The clear evening cleansing my mind,

The thoughts of you fondling my heart;

I gently close my eyes,

As I get lost in the ambience,

I thank God for all that He has given me,

Especially the gift called thee;

I feel good and I feel strong

I am ready to take what life can throng!

A sunny night ?

The night is cold and lonely

The air is crisp and stinging,
It is dark and eerie,
But my thoughts are crystal clear;

The sun is up somewhere,
People are working fair.
It is a bright and busy day.
But I’m forcing myself to sleep here;

The stomach is satiated and content,
And doesn’t have the will to refill,
But the bowels think it is food time now,
And is confused and growls for a snack.

When the sun rises up tomorrow,
I may be fast asleep, and,
If woken up from the slumber,
Would want to duck into the comforters.

Am I basking in the night
Or fantasizing the day?
What is real and what is true?
Is it morning or is it the night?
Am I here or am I there?

No, I am not depressed,

Nor am I turning into a psycho,
Its just the play of the time zones,
When one is on the other side of the globe!

Intricate Beauty


The spider spins the silver casket,

The contour  so refined and classic;

The  naïve insect would least suspect,

This glistening tapestry to be its death trap,magic.


The pitcher plant starts to blossom,

And spreads its green and red all over;

The flies get attracted to the nectar and the pigments,

Which eventually drowns them to fuel the plant ,ever.


The jelly fish floats around so gracefully,

Its flowing tresses so gorgeous and bright,

The innocent prey , stunned  by this luminescence,

Is swallowed mercilessly in just a few seconds, tight.


These are such intricate beauties of nature,

Which seems to take a cruel twist, that is fain;

However, it is actually not vicious at all,

For that’s the way nature has designed the food chain.


Thanks for the Perfect Poets Award AVA. Much honoured.

Would like to nominate Rohit for next week.

The celestial smile

A delightful walk on a clear summer night !  _________________________________________________________

It’s a tender night

The air cool and soft

I catch a brilliant smile;

My stride going slow

Enjoying the glow

I instantly smile back ;

He feels so shy

Disturbed by the pry

Hides behind the clouds;

 He looks so adorable

The beauty undefinable

As he naughtily peeps back.

Romancing with the Sun


 I had been to a Nature retreat recently. Here are my musings when I would go for an early morning walk everyday during my stay there.


I wake up to take a walk early in the morning,
To see the Sun kiss the Earth his first greeting;

He crawls up the horizon so daintily,
Careful not to jerk up his sleeping beauty;

The Earth unfurls herself to his smooth touch,
And reveals her untainted splendour, without ado much;

As he throws his radiant smile without any hint of refrain,
She responds by glistening the spread on her hilly terrain;

The live foliage stuck by light, starts dancing,
To the tune of the of the mild breeze wafting;

The butterflies start fluttering around,
As if dawned by a freedom new found;

The birds chirp ten to one in cheery tones,
As they rouse up from their slumber moans;

The rooster loves the crackle of his voice,
And thinks its his privilege to make some noise;

The flowers spread their blooms in a capricious blend,
It’s the beholder’s joy to watch them and let the eyes fend;

The pristine oxy-rich air is so soothing to the lung,
As I take a deep breath, by the beauty my heart is stung;

The Sun is the source of all her strength and energy,
And she enchants him by performing in total synergy;

The Sun and the Earth tease each other throughout the day,
And their first greeting is a very romantic one I would say!!