My feelings on a stroll…

graduation_cap_and_diplomaMy son recently completed his graduation from the Air Force Technical College after 70 weeks of training. I have captured my feelings on that day as I watched his POP ( Passing Out Parade). Every parent seeing their child’s graduation goes through this I guess…

I sent you as a young lad,
You have blossomed into a gentleman;

I sent you with a lump in my throat,
It has melted away right now;

I sent you with a shiver in my hands,
It has steadied itself hugging you today;

I sent you with a skip in my heartbeat,
It has started singing as I see you today;

I sent you with a lot of trepidation,
Which is all wiped out clean today;

I sent you with a tear in my eye,
It is glowing with pride today;

I sent you with a quiver on my lips,
It has settled into a broad smile today;

I sent you with a lot of ambiguity and hope,
It has transformed into a clear vision today;

I sent you with a feeling of letting go,
You have arrived with a determined ambition today;

You have been trained and moulded for the journey ahead,
Good luck for an exciting and purposeful life dear son!!


Down the memory lane…


The High school where I studied, completed its Platinum Jubilee celebrations recently. I wrote this for the PJ Souvenir in the honour of my school and the teachers.


A sea of pink and purple,                                                                                            Smiling faces with bright ribbons,                                                                                 Rushing through the big black gate,                                                                                    As the loud school bell echoes…

Is the first thought that comes to my mind!

The voice of the HM booming regally,
On the dais, during the assembly,
Hushed giggles, secret pinches,
Getting chided for not paying attention;
Is what slowly transformed the little girls into young ladies!

The morning hours would drag on,
Many of us, waiting for the lunch break,
To rush out and exchange the tit-bits,
Of the previous days happenings;
Gave us those cherishable teenage pleasures of sharing!

Maths, physics, chemistry, biology,
The joy of discovering the new concepts,
And learning and challenging ideas,
Were such precious moments of those years;
Gave us the foundation to grow and find our inner strengths!

The language classes were the ones,
Where we learnt the lessons of life,
Embedded with a lot of classic jokes,
Which would make us laugh and go pink!
Gave us those relaxing moments amidst the heavy cramming!

The Saturday morning Bhajans,
With all of us squatting on the ground,
Are so memorable and etched in my mind,
That I still hum them to myself sometimes;
Gave us the experience of invoking the divine in mass gatherings!

I cannot forget the basket-ball court,
Where I first learnt to handle the big orange ball,
With those sly but efficient coaches who taught us,
And also made us win a District level match!
This brought in the ‘sporty’ dimension into my personality!

I discovered a new set of friends here,
And how easily we got-together as a gang!
Very friendly, yet so competitive,
Teasing each other, yet so caring!
Gave us great relationships to build on!

The school and the teachers,
Have actually molded our personalities,
Opened up our hidden talents,
Boosted our confidence to always do better!
And this has truly made me what I am today!

Here is a moment,
To say ‘Cheers’ to all those patient teachers,
Who have put in their valuable time and effort?
To make millions of us, better humans!!
My due respects to all my dear teachers who are a part of me!!

Back to teens!

A few of our high-school class mates got together last month. Chatting over coffe, dancing down the memory lanes…

Chatter and noise

Washing us down,

We had fun and laughter,

Taking us back thru decades;

No barriers, no inhibitions,

Poking fun at each other;

It was wonderful to relive,

The moments of yesteryears!

Soul searching…

In the last couple of months,  I have seen three of my dear aunts pass away from this world in the life forms they existed. It has been intriguing me on how this whole cycle of life happens and what exactly happens to the soul that departs the body and how the body, mind and the atma sync up again to structure another life form. This is just a downpour of my thoughts and bears no particular semblence to anyone in particular.


Is death the stop of breath?

Or is it merely another state of life?

The body has stopped thriving

But the soul is still intact it appears

Pray, is the mind aware of this fact

Or has it gone along with the perished body?

Does it direct the soul to move on,

Or does the soul take on the driver’s seat?

So, who decides what is the next move?

Or where does it take a life form again?

It is a bit too overwhelming

To try to figure out the next outcome.

We miss the loved one whose soul has departed

The person in that life form is no more;

Maybe there is nothing more beyond this,

Or is it so difficult to comprehend,

That we just let the thoughts stand;

May the dear souls rest in peace…


Germy issue!

If you have ever been through a toothache, you will see what I mean.

A Prayer


My dearest God,

I fear:

Not death that may hit us without notice,

Nor failures that may kick in when most unexpected;

Not calamities that may engulf us without mercy,

Nor miseries that we may come across in everyday life;

Not the tensions of work or family as the case may be,

Nor the physical pains that we may have to endure;


Loss of freedom to express and do what I will,

Loss of strength to take the right decisions,

Loss of balance to judge what is fair and what is not,

Loss of humility when there are successes,

Loss of patience to be kind to others,

Loss of spirit to take life as it comes.


Please take care and bless me with what I need even if it is not what I may wish for.

The blessed trio!

We are two and he is one,

Always entwined, always tangled,

Trust me, it is not always fun;

We always move in sync,

But leave only a single footprint!

We share such strong bonds,

It’s impossible to measure it in pounds;

We are supposed to hangout together,

In whatever mood we are, that’s not fair!

When the mercury hits very low ,

We just hug each other tight to give us a form;

We swing to a ballet and cling to each other,

When we are allowed to drift in the warmth;

We tend to become mischievous and disappear,

And enjoy some privacy,

If people around really get us hot;

We are the source of life, the source of energy,

To the entire mankind and all that vim in frenzy;

Yes, we are the identical twins, atoms of H2,

And our dear big brother, an atom of O!