Germy issue!

If you have ever been through a toothache, you will see what I mean.



Oh my, my!

Caught in a quagmire,

Sinking down and in ;

The slush hugging my waist,

And gnawing at my chest;

My hands are waving,

And groping the thin air;

There is no one to bother,

An ophidian would seem a friend;

My legs are twirling around,

Tugging me deep inside;

My eyes are screaming for help,

My lips sealed with fear;

Drenched in sweat,

I open my eyes with a start;

Thank God it’s a nightmare!

Playing with acrostics

Beautifully profound

Luxurious treat to the eyes

In the midst of fantasy

Soulful and artful

Surely takes away the breath.


Watching the street narrowing down

And expecting to see a speck of the truck

I sit by the eleventh Milestone waiting

Turning into a stone myself,  almost.


Lovely feeling you bring on to me

Over lots of warmth and indulgence

Very satisfying and fulfilling

Eternally yours I wish I could be.


After she said the final good-bye

Neither felt the need to contact

Game was over and they had to

Elegantly lead their own lives

Raging still within, are the embers.



A Prayer


My dearest God,

I fear:

Not death that may hit us without notice,

Nor failures that may kick in when most unexpected;

Not calamities that may engulf us without mercy,

Nor miseries that we may come across in everyday life;

Not the tensions of work or family as the case may be,

Nor the physical pains that we may have to endure;


Loss of freedom to express and do what I will,

Loss of strength to take the right decisions,

Loss of balance to judge what is fair and what is not,

Loss of humility when there are successes,

Loss of patience to be kind to others,

Loss of spirit to take life as it comes.


Please take care and bless me with what I need even if it is not what I may wish for.

The blessed trio!

We are two and he is one,

Always entwined, always tangled,

Trust me, it is not always fun;

We always move in sync,

But leave only a single footprint!

We share such strong bonds,

It’s impossible to measure it in pounds;

We are supposed to hangout together,

In whatever mood we are, that’s not fair!

When the mercury hits very low ,

We just hug each other tight to give us a form;

We swing to a ballet and cling to each other,

When we are allowed to drift in the warmth;

We tend to become mischievous and disappear,

And enjoy some privacy,

If people around really get us hot;

We are the source of life, the source of energy,

To the entire mankind and all that vim in frenzy;

Yes, we are the identical twins, atoms of H2,

And our dear big brother, an atom of O!

At the poolside…

Saw this lovely picture. Probably , this is what she is thinking…

Readers are welcome to add in their own versions too.


The cool air caressing my tired feet,

The sound of the ripples music to my ears,

The clear evening cleansing my mind,

The thoughts of you fondling my heart;

I gently close my eyes,

As I get lost in the ambience,

I thank God for all that He has given me,

Especially the gift called thee;

I feel good and I feel strong

I am ready to take what life can throng!