The blessed trio!

We are two and he is one,

Always entwined, always tangled,

Trust me, it is not always fun;

We always move in sync,

But leave only a single footprint!

We share such strong bonds,

It’s impossible to measure it in pounds;

We are supposed to hangout together,

In whatever mood we are, that’s not fair!

When the mercury hits very low ,

We just hug each other tight to give us a form;

We swing to a ballet and cling to each other,

When we are allowed to drift in the warmth;

We tend to become mischievous and disappear,

And enjoy some privacy,

If people around really get us hot;

We are the source of life, the source of energy,

To the entire mankind and all that vim in frenzy;

Yes, we are the identical twins, atoms of H2,

And our dear big brother, an atom of O!