My feelings on a stroll…

graduation_cap_and_diplomaMy son recently completed his graduation from the Air Force Technical College after 70 weeks of training. I have captured my feelings on that day as I watched his POP ( Passing Out Parade). Every parent seeing their child’s graduation goes through this I guess…

I sent you as a young lad,
You have blossomed into a gentleman;

I sent you with a lump in my throat,
It has melted away right now;

I sent you with a shiver in my hands,
It has steadied itself hugging you today;

I sent you with a skip in my heartbeat,
It has started singing as I see you today;

I sent you with a lot of trepidation,
Which is all wiped out clean today;

I sent you with a tear in my eye,
It is glowing with pride today;

I sent you with a quiver on my lips,
It has settled into a broad smile today;

I sent you with a lot of ambiguity and hope,
It has transformed into a clear vision today;

I sent you with a feeling of letting go,
You have arrived with a determined ambition today;

You have been trained and moulded for the journey ahead,
Good luck for an exciting and purposeful life dear son!!


A lusty sip

Presenting an ‘Object’ poem. i.e. Choose a theme object and write about it. I just let my imagination flow around a glass of milkshake.


The blues…

It happens to all of us. You suddenly feel gloomy and would just want to sit and brood. It is just another flavour of what the mind and the heart can sometimes put you through. Just sit back, relax and let those moments pass. ________________________________________________________________

There are these days

When I feel sullen and blue

As if simmered in a stew;

The mind is wavering

Unsure what it is savouring;

There is a thorn in the heart

I don’t know why

Nor realize what is short;

The world seems murky

Everyone appears crazy;

I don’t like the food

And find every reason to brood;

The air seems a bit too warm

And the sweat eats away

Any leftover charm;

I know it takes just a little while

To get back to normalcy again;

I want it to pass away

And feel gay in the bargain;

Wonder if it is the hormones play

Or just a mere mind sway;

I write, to blind it out of my way

So I can get back to my world,

Without restrain!


Mother. That is one relationship that is taken for          granted and is to be cherished every moment.  I sat down and put down my feelings for what my Mom has been to me. I am posting my poem today, so my mother’s day is special for her and not mixed up with the others. Of course, every mother is special and there is no doubt about it!


For three full Quarters

I lived on your resources

Bathed in the warm comfort of

The most wonderful spa within you;


When I opened my eyes

And saw unknown faces around me

Your bosom became my abode

Where I took refuge;

As I grew and made some friends

To you I would always turn

When in fear or in doubt

Or when friends turned into fiends;

You held my hand and made me learn

My alphabets and numbers

Without which I wouldn’t be

What I am today

And able to write this back to you;

You put up with my teenage vibes

And all my indolent ways

Though I would drive you crazy

You wouldn’t much complain;

Now I’m all grown up, a mother myself

And have my own life to take care,

But still you are such a support to me

Without you

I know not how I would survive;

Sometimes I feel guilty, I feel the pain

That its still you, who are holding my hand

Whereas it should actually be me

Holding yours and allowing you some rest;

I shall always be there for you

Whenever you need me;