Germy issue!

If you have ever been through a toothache, you will see what I mean.



I just love pouring over Charlie Brown strips. Here is to him and his dear little world.

There is this little boy called Charlie Brown,
Whose insecurity and self doubt makes him often frown;

The little gal Sally is his smart and witty sis,
Whose unscrupulous comments makes him always hiss!

My most favourite character is his darling canine Snoopy,
Whose wild imagination would make anyone go whoopie!

He goes around with his troops, to deserts or to snow peaks,
Sometimes he is a daring pilot or just an empathetic lawyer!

He safeguards his dinner bowl like it was sacred,
And any delay in it getting filled would make him go red;

There are the two friends Marcie and Peppermint Patty,
Who insult and cherish each other equally well and naughty;

Both of  them compete to get Charlie’s attention,
Much to their dismay, he is disdainful of their infatuation;

The little boy Linus ( Charlie’s friend) always has a cloth in his mouth,
Sucking it in bliss but is often tricked by his sister uncouth;

Then there is Schroeder who plays the black piano,
And thinks Beethoven was a President much to his fancy imagino;

Not to miss the little lady Lucy ( Linus’s sister) who is always in trend,
Thinks she is smarter than anyone and woos Schroeder, for a boyfriend.

I hog on these strips and enjoy them every bit,
Kudos to Charles Schulz for making each one come alive every minute!


“Add some milk to the dough”, says my friend. “The consistency of the dough is very critical. Should not be too tight.” Warns my Mom. “Don’t press too hard when you roll it. That’s the secret.” Chirps in my sister. Other tips keep pouring…”Don’t use too much oil;  The tava (griddle) shouldn’t be overheated;  Turn it around quickly; Use Annapoorna atta ; Make more layers, so it comes fluffy; Allow the dough to ferment for an hour at least.”

Well… the context is the process of making good quality soft chapatis ( Indian flat bread).

However mundane and simple it may sound, the art of making perfect Chapatis has been evading me for a long time. “Perfect” my foot, nowhere near! What I make goes straight to the garbage many times. Sometimes my son dares to try it out and says it is physiotherapy for his jaws! 😦

This time around, I try to follow all instructions carefully. I pick up the best atta possible. Knead it well and with care. Put just enough water and…ahem.. milk as suggested. Ha… it feels just right. I carefully place a wet towel over the dish with the kneaded dough. The clock ticks. An hour later, I’m ready to take up this herculean task of the day.

The dough is made into small round balls. Need to be consistent. All of them got to be of the same size. Cool…Got it! No big see. Good. I had about 10 of them.

I take the first one and flatten it out a bit. Smear some oil on it. Fold it twice. A little oil oozes out of the sides and it looks yummy to me already. Focus!

I take the rolling pin and very gingerly flatten it out. Oh..not too hard…ok….here you go…I flip it with some grace. Dip it in some flour and in a few seconds, I have a perfect round piece of art in front of me. I used to be good at drawing, my Mom would say. The circle proved it.

Now, over to the stove. Yes, keep it in low flame. I use a non-stick tava, just in case. I call my son to watch me perform. He is hoping for the best, but I bet he is praying for his jaws silently. When the tava is heated enough, I toss my master piece on it. A little oil around the edges and a little on the top. Yes…so far so good…the top layer is going to bulge now. My son is ready to cheer.Just short of a Vuvuzela ! I hold my breath.A few seconds pass…Nothing happens…Maybe a few seconds more. Oh my God, there is a burning smell. As I watch in dismay, the corners turning black, ‘Turn it around, ma’ my son says nonchalantly. I flip that thing around. “It is ok”..I console myself. The ‘whatever’ stares at me with a lot of dark patches all over and looks like a burnt face. I cannot even fold it.

” Dont bother!” The optimistic Sagittarian in me pops out.  I just break it into four pieces . My “whole wheat crackers” are ready to eat! I ask my son to try it out with some sauce.Nope, he doesn’t want to risk it.

Off it goes, to garbage again. Why…oh…why can’t I ever make a soft and good looking Chapati??

Square shoes please…Help!!!

It was a Friday evening. I urged my friend to go shopping with me. I badly needed a pair of shoes I told her. “But you have plenty of them I thought..”,she said. “No…nothing really fits well. I need one. Lets go.. please…”

After a considerable amount of window shopping, finally selected one of those shops that seemed to have a good collection and made our headway.

One of the sales men rushed forward and asked if he could help. I politely refused and said that we could take care of it ourselves.

My friend chirped with all innocence. ” I will help you with this!”  Now, that’s what friends are for ! Poor girl..was totally oblivious to what was coming..:-)

She asked me , “What is your size?

“6 ½  “

“What? We don’t get 6 ½ here. It is 5 or 6 or 7. That’s it. Tell me a whole number.No fractions please.”

“OMG! That wont work!! 6 is gonna be small and 7 ..too big. In US, I would always go for a 6 ½!”

So, after some quick study of my lotus feet, we decided that 6 may work best , if I just manage to squeeze my foot in.

“But hey, I can squeeze my right foot, but not the left!”


‘I need a ‘wide’ for my left, otherwise the shoe presses my toe bone and it aches a lot.”

“Why the hell is that??”

“Yep”,I nodded,”There is no way I can wear a regular shoe which is not broad at the front.To be precise, the size is 6 1/2 W.”

“I have never heard of that! Anyways, Then let’s  look for something that is 6 but REALLY broad, so it can fit your big fat toe bone!” There was just a grimace from the other side.

After a quick search,she jumped in joy as she came with a pair that looked quite broad.

“This should fit you well.”

One look at it and I jumped. “No!!.. that has ‘ high heels’….”


“Its not good for my right heel , which has a strained tendon.”

Seeing her face sag, I added, but it will work perfect for my left, though!! Oops..didn’t help..:-(

The search began again. A pair, hmm…has to be between 6 and 7, flat, wide enough for my toes, and soles soft enough for my heel..and  just one more should have a good support at the back, coz, … I tend to trip when I walk.

“Yes” she shouted. “Here is a pair. This gotta be it! It is a 6, quite broad at the front, heels flat and soft inner soles and has a strong back support..”

“It seems perfect. But…”

“But what now ??” She literally screamed and a couple of people turned their heads.

“I need a Black pair..these are Brown!”

She smiled.Now,  that was simple! She walked to the counter and asked the salesman to get a Black pair, absolutely the same as the one she had in her hands.

Pat came the reply” Sorry mam, these are shoes worn by the people in military and they come in brown or green only!!


Oops! She would never come with me again for shoe shopping..

While, wearing stylish and elegant stilettos or pumps could be any blessed lady’s dream, I am still looking for a pair that is made for me..would’nt mind even if it were a pair of square shoes please…!! Ha..ha..hel..Help …!!!