A Prayer


My dearest God,

I fear:

Not death that may hit us without notice,

Nor failures that may kick in when most unexpected;

Not calamities that may engulf us without mercy,

Nor miseries that we may come across in everyday life;

Not the tensions of work or family as the case may be,

Nor the physical pains that we may have to endure;


Loss of freedom to express and do what I will,

Loss of strength to take the right decisions,

Loss of balance to judge what is fair and what is not,

Loss of humility when there are successes,

Loss of patience to be kind to others,

Loss of spirit to take life as it comes.


Please take care and bless me with what I need even if it is not what I may wish for.


The blessed trio!

We are two and he is one,

Always entwined, always tangled,

Trust me, it is not always fun;

We always move in sync,

But leave only a single footprint!

We share such strong bonds,

It’s impossible to measure it in pounds;

We are supposed to hangout together,

In whatever mood we are, that’s not fair!

When the mercury hits very low ,

We just hug each other tight to give us a form;

We swing to a ballet and cling to each other,

When we are allowed to drift in the warmth;

We tend to become mischievous and disappear,

And enjoy some privacy,

If people around really get us hot;

We are the source of life, the source of energy,

To the entire mankind and all that vim in frenzy;

Yes, we are the identical twins, atoms of H2,

And our dear big brother, an atom of O!

An acrostic tribute

Here is my tribute to one of the most simple, respected and powerful leaders of our country. It is Sarvodaya Day or Martyr’s Day today – the day when he was assasinated in the year 1948.

If you also respect him as much, you are welcome to leave a comment here in his honour.

Vande Mataram!

Welcome to the Corporate world

Happenings in a corporate office environment – trivia


If you take quick decisions, you are hasty,

And don’t seem to analyse too well;

If you do not, you are a tad lazy,

And will soon be dumped into the well;


If you prefer to delegate or talk one on one

You are not a progressive team person;

If you tend to have more group meetings,

Then you are a ‘preacher’ and action none;


If you smile or laugh too much,

You are not sophisticated enough;

If you are stern or show a frown,

You are a sticky boss on the trough.


If you see the ‘big picture’

You do not have ‘eye for detail’;

And if you get into too much detail

You are tagged, merely ‘transactional’!


You  achieve your targets,

Then you have not planned right;

And if you under achieve,

You are not a “go-getter”!


You get a brownie from your boss,

There are many ears listening but eyes turn aside;

If you are being fired for something in a toss,

Then all eyes are on you but none beside;


Welcome to the Corporate world,

Where one really needs to be bold,

If you truly want to hold

Onto your pride and get going untold!

Ma, tujhe salaam…!

You engulf many homes,

When you hit as a Tsunami;

Yet you give us the strength to build our abode back!

You swallow countless lives,

As you shudder and the earth gives away;

Yet you give us the spirit to bravely move forward!

You drown numerous innocent lives,

When you choose to incessantly pour;

Yet you give us the energy to start new lives again!

You parch a million mouths,

When you sulk away from the wetness;

Yet you give us the vigor to withstand your moods!

You erupt with a magnificent glow,

When the dormant lava is shaken awake;

Yet you give us the vitality to re-form all over again!

You bring a smile on our faces,

As you spread your glorious colours across the sky;

And it makes our hearts light as we enjoy your ambiance!

You bring joy to the masses, 

When you stretch yourself as a carpet of radiant flowers;

And the sight of your beautiful sheen is a treat to the eyes!

You fill a myriad of empty stomachs,

As your grains sway to the music of the sunlight;

And you provide us with things, at your will, to make life worth it!!

Oh Mother Nature, I humbly bow to thee,

For, YOU have the real power to rule

Which we mortals are sometimes so blind to!!

Ma, tujhe salaam!!

When the sun shines bright…

When the sun shines bright,  everything looks so fine on sight;

There is a song in every flower,

And the birds fly up on the tower;

The bee hums near its hive,

And the dog barks ten to five;

The school children trot joyfully

As the mothers buzz busily;

A street urchin whistles his day away,

And the paddy fields bow down in a sway;

The trees look fresh and green,

And its leaves glow with a sheen;

The shining glasses on the match-box towers

Reflect the sunlight and show all colours;

My heart soars high, And I let out a cheerful sigh!

Then I take a closer look, At all the things that look so good;

The flowers cringe facing the mid-day sun,

 And the birds tire easily by the heat;

The bees disperse to toil for the day,

And the dog retires, turning its back to the ray.

Inside the stuffy class-rooms, the kids dont look so gay,

And the busy mothers long for a holiday;

The urchin starts worrying about his dinner,

 And the paddy fields silently await the farmer.

 The trees yearn for some more water

As they have far too many leaves to cater;

Behind the dark glasses of the tall tower,

Are hundreds of people struggling without a tear.

When the sun shines so bright, it keeps a lot of things out of sight!

The Waves

As I stand silently on the sands of a beach,

Overlooking the vast expanse of the sea;

The cool breeze brushing against my cheeks,

I am filled with a feeling of serenity;

As the waves play around my feet,tugging me inside,

I feel they are trying to tell me something;

And then I realize, that the waves that hit the sand,

Are very similar to the  capricious days of my life;

Some of them hug my ankles,

And I sense the pleasure as it tickles;

Some of them hit me in subtle anger,

Taking my breath away just as I recover;

Some of them roar at me vigorously

And all I can do is roar back joyously;

Some of them bring along a beautiful shell

As if to make sure I have a story to tell;

Some of them drag me into the sand,

Deeper and deeper till I need a helping hand;

Some of them playfully push me on to the shore

And my senses scream ‘ Give me some more”!

The waves hit the sand quite tirelessly

And so do my days come and go meticulously;

I love to ebb and surge with it  fervently,

As I watch the waves of my days admiringly!