Gloom over the dainty land!

Chennai musing…

Chennai was hit by a severe flood and the whole city is in a dismal state. This is my musing over the sad state of the city:


She is languishing in deep depression,

Immersed in a melancholic strain;

She is weeping her heart out,

Like she has never ever done before;

She is covered with filth all over her,

Only worsening as her tears try to wash it away;

She refuses to embrace her guests with a warm hug,

Nor greet them with her bright sunshine smile as always;

Her mind should pay attention to her well-being,

And her heart should reach out to her bruised limbs;

She had paid a lot of attention to charm and glory,

But failed her attention on her basic fitness;

She has been taking pride in her glamour,

While she has missed out on her yoga and stretches;

It will take days for her to get back to shape,

With lot of focus and unflagging effort;

Let us reach out to her and support her,

Until she is able to smile on her own again;

Nature has her own way of combat techniques,

And none can dare stand to offend her!!