Rise to glory


I wrote this to my son who is training at the Airforce Academy right now. Hats off to all those youngsters who go through the rigour to accomplish their dreams. God bless!


The going may be tough
The ask could be hard;
The body may be aching
The mind may be packed;
The legs could be throbbing
The hands may be tired;
The heart could be craving
The shoulders may be sore;
It is all worth it, for you to
Rise to glory, my son!

You may be up before the sun
And keep awake more than him;
You may have to swim like a whale
And absorb things like a sponge;
There is a lot of learning
To prepare you to shine;
It is part of the journey, for you to
Rise to glory, my son!

You need the will
You need the focus
You need the commitment
You need the passion
You need the drive
You need the patience
You need the obsession
For you to,
Rise to glory, my son!

Remember always,
When the going gets tough,
The tough get going!
You are one of that genre,
And it is a blessing;
Rise to glory, my son!!