SHE and She

SHE turns around and snuggles into the comforter,

She shivers as she is slightly wet from the shower;

SHE is a bit grumpy to have been woken up early,

She chirps a few questions trying to make it cheery;

SHE makes herself a cup of hot coffee,

She just awaits a while to get her cup free;

SHE is thinking of what she needs to do at work today,

She is at work and thinking of her son in his bay;

SHE needs her,so she can go out and earn,

She needs her, so she can earn and go out;

SHE gives her a grateful smile as she hands over the coffee,

She reciprocates and asks if she could have some biscuits too;

SHE admires her patience and humility,

She admires her coolness and flamboyance;

What is fair or what is right I do not know,

But there is so much mutual dependency in this flow;

SHE is a typical career woman,

And she is her loyal maid.

Now, read from the beginning, so it makes sense!