SHE and She

SHE turns around and snuggles into the comforter,

She shivers as she is slightly wet from the shower;

SHE is a bit grumpy to have been woken up early,

She chirps a few questions trying to make it cheery;

SHE makes herself a cup of hot coffee,

She just awaits a while to get her cup free;

SHE is thinking of what she needs to do at work today,

She is at work and thinking of her son in his bay;

SHE needs her,so she can go out and earn,

She needs her, so she can earn and go out;

SHE gives her a grateful smile as she hands over the coffee,

She reciprocates and asks if she could have some biscuits too;

SHE admires her patience and humility,

She admires her coolness and flamboyance;

What is fair or what is right I do not know,

But there is so much mutual dependency in this flow;

SHE is a typical career woman,

And she is her loyal maid.

Now, read from the beginning, so it makes sense!


10 Responses

  1. Good one, Hema.

  2. Ha Ha. Very nice & welcome back.

  3. Happy 50th Hema! Time to publish the poems

  4. smiles…you help us see how much similar we are in life…..nice verse….i like how you gave us both sides through out…

  5. Yes…I did need to give it a second read and then it made so much sense and felt so familiar. Like the idea of SHE and she.

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